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CardiWrap By Kymaro - A Wardrobe In A Wrap (Review)

When I heard about the Cardi Wrap, I simply had to try and get it and see if it could really do all those styles. Of course I had to pick my favorite color which is red!

I did my own little fashion show with the timer button on my camera! Ahh it was sweaty fun. lol. Until I turned the a/c on! The day before I had tried pretty much all the styles and selected the ones that fit me very well so I could share in this review.

I'd totally call it a wardrobe in a wrap! The wrap gives you creative ideas and you choose the styles that fit you, just as you'd buy off the rack.

They sent a little booklet with different ways to do the wrap styles, but I even made different styles on my own! I should have taken a photo because I totally forgot them in all the other 50+ styles I was busy wrapping around my gorgeous, skinny frame.

So sit a bit and gawk at me doing my 'run to the spot and pose for the timer fashion shot show' :D

 You can just throw it on and go
 Left is not a belt, I used a scarf, but if you have a nice large belt it would be great and also a nicely designed skinny belt for the one on the right. Is it wrong that I don't own any belts???
 Elegant no? Just need some pearls
 I will have to try this with a silk red top. *Thank you push up bra!*
 Just two ways with the scarf, but they had lots of ways to style and you can add a brooch!
 You can make a knot at the sides, or use a brooch to pin it there.
 I like this one. Tie in back. Or pull it off the shoulder as below.
 That in my hair is the brooch for the cardiwrap :) But hey, I'm an island girl, so what do you expect? :)
 The cardiwrap.

There are styles that I just couldn't create from the booklet no matter how hard I tried, but I'm sure they can be done. They just do not fit me well. The little booklet has 56 styles that you can play with!

I love it! I will wear it. This is great for traveling. A wrap so versatile will cut down on what I need to pack in my suitcase.

I did noticed that some of the styles I tried, allowed the lining of the arm of the wrap to gather too far in the front which isn't something you'd want.So when you make your styles, make sure the seam isn't in the middle of your chest.

It can be used as a cardigan, wrap, scarf or shawl.

"With just a twist, wrap, toss or knot you can accentuate your best features and hide all your imperfections"

You can purchase the Cardi Wrap for $39.95 +S&H. The accessory kit is free but you'll have to pay shipping and handling for it. The kit includes: 3 bangles in silver, gold and black, a bow and a flower brooch and also a style guide.

No special washing necessary. Your washing machine works just fine. So if you want to try it, definitely a multi-functional item that will work great for you or you can give it as a gift to a family or friend.
Check out the website for other details about all the colors available and how to purchase.

About Kymaro:
Kymaro is owned by BJ Global, a pioneering company in affordable and practical consumer products. For more than 20 years, the Irvine, Calif.-based company has engaged in all aspects of the direct-response industry from designing, marketing and distributing products to producing infomercials. Founded and run by BJ Fazeli, BJ Global sells dozens of products under the Duragear and Kymaro brands. The latter takes its name from Fazeli’s three daughters: Kyara Fazelli, Mahdice Fazeli and Romy Alahmari. The sisters are behind such popular products as Body Shaper, Bust Up Cups, Cardi Wrap and Rhythm Rocker.

This was not a paid post. This post was written for Family Review Network & Cardi Wrap who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions. See my disclosure

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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  1. oops, I don't know what just happened. Anyhow, how did you come up with so many ways. You did a great job with the modeling,

  2. Gorgeous! And the wrap is pretty too! ;)

  3. You look amazing!!!!
    Stopping by to wish you a wonderful Friday and Mother's Day!

  4. Oh wow! Look at YOU-No wonder you like red; you're one of the woman who can pull it off with the *BAM* factor :D

    That is an incredible piece of wardrobe-I want one!! Lol

  5. What a great addition to a woman't wardrobe. You look gorgeous in that color and every style suits you perfectly. You look absolutely stunning in that little number. Wear it and watch the heads turn :)

  6. WOW!!You look great!! Red really suits you : )

  7. Wow! It's amazing you many ways you can wear one wrap! You, my friend, are gorgeous! Have a Happy Mother's Day! :)

  8. WOW!!!! I saw it and still it's hard to believe you can get all those different looks with just one wrap! And you look beautiful!! I'm definitely going to get me one. I hope they have a huge assortment of colors. Thanks for the link!

  9. wow. it is a perfect present for Mothers' Day.

  10. I've seen that on a few people, but nobody wears it as beautifully as you do. That is absolutely gorgeous on you. Love the red!

  11. I can't believe how many ways you can wear the cardigan! Amazing! ...and by the way you are one gorgeous girl! :)

  12. I'm gonna have to get one of those bad boys. that will certainly help with the packing issues, and keep you stylish in the process. You are working it like a chic fashionista in those pics ma'am. just popping by to say Happy Mothers Day. stop by The Suss to see our Mothers Day Tribute. Enjoy Mothers Day

  13. Oh wow. I bought one of those just before Christmas but I only wore it in one boring style! You have such an amazing sense of style and you've totally opened my eyes up as to how I can wear my wrap!

  14. You look beautiful! And that's an awesome wrap.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  15. Oh my goodness - LOVE IT!!!

  16. DANG GIRL!!! YOU'RE HOT! OOOOOOO lordy you are one hot mama in that fabulous get-up! Even my husband said, "Who's that?" I told him to put his eyes back in his sockets and go sit down! ~hehe~ Love the review honey. You sure didn't need any words that's for sure! WOW! You've got about 20 new outfits with that one little wrap. YOU GO GIRL!

  17. I knew your color palette was winter as these deep colors make you radiant. You did a superb job with the wrap. Now for a night out on the town.

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