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Do You Eat Breakfast?

I always do breakfast. Especially because I have a child who attends school. Of course in the back of my mind is the constant reminder/knowledge of the health benefits of breakfast.

Sometimes I make eggs, or bagels, or toasts or hot cereal and every so often I relax my schedule with cold cereal.

I got the chance to try Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal and while my kids still wanted their CM, the hubs and I like these very much. It was something new to try. I am picking up a regualar size for our family soon.

I love the taste and that it has my fiber and protein and other essential vitamins to keep me satisfied.

So I hope you celebrated the National Cereal Day and National School Breakfast Week with Quaker!

Do you eat breakfast?

This was not a paid post. I received a sample box of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for the taste test. . See my disclosure.

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  1. I do eat breakfast daily. I usually eat "foodie food" like eggs, hashbrowns and toast or I like leftover dinner for breakfast. Now cereal is my snack food. I bet Quaker Oatmeal Squared are good. I love the healthier cereals :)

  2. I actually got a sample of this cereal awhile back, but couldn't eat it cause of the whole wheat/gluten thing. But I did used to love this kind of cereal! :)

    I'm a bad breakfast person-I usually am not hungry in the mornings, so I wait until lunch to eat something, if that. Sometimes I forget and end up waiting until dinner Dx

  3. My samples just arrived today. Can't wait to taste them. They look really good!

  4. I rarely skip breakfast. This is the most essential meal of the day and skipping it causes me to get a migraine. I generally eat cheerios as I am big into oats. I've tried this cereal and it is tasty.

  5. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I can't seem to see your GFC either. I too will check back later.

  6. No, I really don't. I only drink some coffee and that is it for my morning.

  7. i have been wanting to try this...
    we LOVE cold cereal here


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