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Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster And Me are two wonderful books for parents to share with their children. As a parent, I'm glad for any positive help I get, so that I can teach my children how to develop the strength of character they'll need for fortification in today's society.

Reading and discussing this book with my son and daughter is the perfect time because this is when he is making friends and is able to be swayed by actions and opinions from other children.  This is also when he is learning all about his body and emotions and how to handle these emotions.

Liking Myself have neat little prompts to write or draw things about yourself that are positive or encouraging to you and others. This helps your child to really think about them-self as an individual.

It also teaches how to identify feelings.

"If people pretend not to have feelings long enough one day they may not feel anything anymore, or at least they may not know what feelings they are feeling."

The book also teaches how to talk about your feelings without hurting others with your words.
"When you are mad talk about how you feel and maybe why you feel that way, but not about other people. i.e. "You are ....dumb, stupid, mean...etc, or You did it!" or  "You make me mad!"

The feeling talk game is great to practice with your children. It is a great help for problem solving.

This is a wonderful book and something I've always wanted and I'm so glad I got to review it.

This fun-filled, charmingly illustrated book is full of ideas and exercises to improve self-esteem and assertiveness, and build emotional literacy.

Children learn to listen and to talk about their feelings. They also learn how to handle themselves when they  feel upset or overwhelmed by encouraging them to write or draw their responses to specific scenarios.

The Mouse, The Monster And Me covers these topics: 
  • Your strength and power
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • Asking for what you want 
  • Saying no
  • Criticism
  • Compliments 
  • And Being yourself

I love reading this book to my children and have them do the prompts. One of the games we played from the book is the Strengths game. 

1. Sit in a circle with family/friends
2. Fold a piece of paper in half and put your name at the top of each side
3. List your good qualities and the things you like about yourself on the left side
4. Pass the paper to the person on the right. That person lists the good qualities they see in you. 
5. Keep passing the papers until yours return to you
6. Compart the two sides. 

Do people see me the same ways I see myself? 
How do I let others see more of my strengths? 

Both books have games like this to play with friends or/and family and it is more than a surface game. It helps you and your child think seriously about your personality and character traits as an individual. 

There are so many topics and feelings I have to cover moment by moment with my children and I see many of them in these books. I always encourage them to use their voice and ask for what they need. 

The book covers the right way, the monster way and mouse ways of asking for what you want. 

A good way to ask is straight out

"I need some help please." (That is being honest and assertive) 

Monster ways: 
Having a tantrum, sulking, hitting, shouting, getting mad. 

Mouse ways: 
hinting, begging, whining, pouting, crying. 

Oooh as a mother you have seen these in your children at some point. So it's great to read this with them and let them tell you which is the best way and also practice with action and words. 

I also love that the book covers compliments. I give my children lots of sincere compliments and I have taught them to say thank you with a smile instead of just running behind a skirt or not acknowledging what was said to them. I've seen many children and adults do this. 

I never got compliments as a child and I do struggle to receive but I've learned to say thank you and smile.  It is so important for children to feel valued and that you notice the good things about them and what they do.

I have a friend that when I give her a compliment, she immediately shoot one back at me. No. That's not ok. Just accept humbly and bask or blush. It is alright to get compliments.

A compliment is like a gift. Accepting it nicely is being kind to the giver. Both the giver and the receiver get warm feelings.

I recommend these books to every family! 

Engaging artwork and exercises illustrate aggressive "monster" and passive "mouse" behaviors, helping young readers identify these characteristics in themselves and in others. This book explores the "me" communication style based on rights, responsibility and respect. It teaches healthy, non-violent conflict management skills that help kids stop being --or attracting--bullies when youngsters learn how to assert themselves appropriately, they gain self-esteem and safer, happier relationship. 
Liking Myself and the companion book, The Mouse, The Monster And Me, help youngsters develop social and emotional skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. Widely recommended by teachers, school psychologists, counselors and guidance groups, both Liking Myself (ages 5-11) and The Mouse, the Monster and Me (8 and up) have guided generations of children throughout the world. 
Pat Palmer, Ed.D., is a psychologist and founder of the Assertiveness Training Institute of Denver. She has counseled adulst and young people throughout the U.S. in the aeas of assertiveness and self-esteem. In addition to writing Liking Myself, and The Mouse, the Monster and Me, Dr. Palmer also wrote Teen Esteem and I wish I Could Hold your Hand. 
Sue Rama has illustrated many books for young people. She is a recipient of the Tomie de Paola Award for Illustration from The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Please visit Sue at:

You can have a set of these books for your family from this giveaway and if you don't win, you can always purchase it or rent from the library. 

A copy of both Liking Myself and The Mouse, The Monster and Me

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