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Lighten Up Your Spring Make-up Routine - New Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation

I really want to learn how to put make up on. I am clueless and still, at this age, I only wear foundation when I feel insecure.

I want to learn for later (You know, when the wrinkles cometh), and also to teach my daughter, so I'm reading and and practicing and hopefully I'll get the hang of it sometime. But at the rate I'm going, she'll be teaching me!

I just learned this week I need a good primer to go with a foundation!!! I gotta get on my game!

I am using the New CoverGirl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and I love how natural it is and also very weightless! 

I don't do this product justice. You simply gotta try it in your shade! 

You almost cannot tell that you are wearing anything on your face except when you wipe  or give someone a hug and they press your face to their shoulder and stuff transfer :) 

 The finished photo need lipgloss and eye make up. *I'm still learning here*

I love that it's just an easy step and out the door. I don't do eye brushes and all that other stuff. But I think I need to learn how to do the eye decor things. See I don't even know the right make up term!!

I put the the liquid foundation on with my fingers instead of a brush and blend it right in. It covers the blemishes on my skin without changing my complexion. Of course if you want to use a brush, then go right ahead. I've been learning about those too and need to find a good one for my collection. 

It's like putting moisturizer on your face! Light. Like nothing is there. 

I choose the Brazilnut 370. Perfect match for my skin tone. There are choices for any skin tone and this is just in time for the change of seasons to use fresh and light make up! 

One day I want a make over form CoverGirl! I'll be my own poster girl :) 
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jake Bailey (whose clients include Katy Perry and Kyra Sedgwick) loves NatureLuxe Silk Foundation for its professional quality coverage but virtually weightless feel...a perfect balance. He notes, “It’s a great foundation for younger skin, but I love to use it on a lot of my over 40 clients because it covers skin imperfections flawlessly without weighing down your skin or settling into fine lines. If I don’t achieve the desired result with one light application I simply add a small amount to the areas that require a little more coverage.”

Jake recommends applying NatureLuxe Silk Foundation with your finger tips for the most natural finish or a flat tipped buffer/kabuki brush for more coverage where needed. “If you feel you've applied a little more than was needed, use a sponge or a kabuki brush to "buff" off any excess product. The buffing creates a seamless "airbrushed" look. NatureLuxe Silk Foundation leaves a dewy finish that glows like real skin which is perfect for a fresh spring look. I recommend complementing it with a little cream blush and a light coral or pink lip.”

There will be a free standing coupon insert on the back of Parade magazines on Sunday, April 24th and in USA Weekend on June 5th that gives consumers $2 off NatureLuxe.

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This was not a paid post and these opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I received this foundation to help understand the product for this review. See my disclosure

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  1. It looks beautiful on you. Your skin looks smooth and glowy!

  2. Awww really? Gosh thank you. It took me 3 days to figure out if I should post that photo!!! Talk about issues.

    I love the make up though. It doesn't change my color and fits in nicely.

    Thank you E :)

  3. I LOVE this line! I don't ever get attached to make up, but this foundation is weightless and leaves your skin looking so natural. It even does a great job of covering up break outs! mixed with my primer and powder my skin nearly looks flawless!!

  4. Oooh I totally need to get my primer then!

  5. I told someone only this past weekend that I want to become completely comfortable with applying my own makeup. Nothing heavy...just enough. What I do quite a bit of is to apply daily moisturizer with SPF and a night creme (to help with any upcoming wrinkles as I age). Go for it. Just practice each day and you'll get better as time goes by.

  6. Oh man, you and me both Colette! Seriously, I'm a sad, sad excuse for a girl. LOL

    I'm one step ahead of you in the makeup department though-I'm pretty good with the 'eye stuff.'

    That is a beautiful picture of you :)

  7. Ulta has a great make-up application brush. I like it better than a sponge, although those are good too.

  8. I dont use makeup much anymore unless I have something special going on. But great tips, I will try.


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