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What Does Your Actions Teach Your Children? - The Moments

I was a bit late again for worship. I hate being late and it drives me crazy how much time I think I have and then suddenly the time runs out and still I am running back inside to grab something else. 

I try to wake up 2hrs before leaving because I have the two children to get ready and fed, but 90% of the time it seems we end up a few minutes late or in a tense rush. 

For awhile there dh and I used to get heated about it. He would wait until the last second to roll out of bed to leave in 10mins and I have been up the past 2hrs getting me and everyone ready. He would proceed to tell me that we have 10 minutes to leave and I'd go off and so Sundays seems to always turn in tense battle going into church. 
I did not like that, so I stopped going for awhile. 

I'd get up and get the kids ready in a relaxed setting and send them off with daddy and all was well. I wasn't stressed and walking into church all huffy. 

After it all calmed down I started going again and it was alright for awhile....but it's getting to that point again where I want to stop again for awhile. 

Hopefully I'll find the balance.


Service was very good today. One of the interesting things our pastor spoke about was, taking our purse, wallets out and holding it up. He then asked, where was your purse/wallet made? So everyone is finding out that the purses are made all over the world. 

He then ask, what do you pray for your wallet? We usually pray for more money to cover this or that and provisions etc 
And he said, "What if when you look at and go into your purse/wallet, you stop and pray for the people of that country where your purse originated?" 
Yes. Such great ways we can allow ourselves to be used in God's kingdom. 


After church I took the kids to the park. It was a nice day out and I remember how much they wanted to go back since the last time. 

There was a family there with five children. 

There were some adorable baby ducklings there too and the kids were playing with them. The mother was telling them to be careful not to hurt them because they were so young. 

The kids played and I pushed my daughter on a swing as I heard the conversation around me to get a box, let's pack up and go, get in the truck and you get in the car etc. 

I turned around and the family had boxed up the little ducklings and took them home with them. 

A mother duck will not find her babies.

A family just told their children it was alright to steal. 

Other visitors have been deprived of this joy to coo over new born ducklings.

I was shocked. 

We love feeding the ducks at the pond there. 

I realize I did not say anything. 

I'm still wondering why I did not say anything. 

It is sad. 


Ever wonder why no one feels comfortable sitting on the very front row seats in church? :) 

I usually boldly walk right up there if I'm late and all is taken. 

But often, so often I noticed that people will sit on each other's lap, than sit in the front rows :) 


"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try spending the night in a closed room with a mosquito." - African Proverb

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  1. I enjoy your post, up to when ducklings got kidnapped..That's not right to steal the babies from their mother, specially in a nature setting like that.

  2. I don't understand about the stealing. That is just so wrong!

    I really like what your pastor said about praying for the people of the countries where the purses were made.

  3. I'm so glad that you got to go to church even though you were a tad bit late-I think the phrase 'better late then never' is a very apropos sentiment here :)

    As long as you get what you can out of the lessons being taught, I think it's perfectly fine!

    I can't believe how a family can just TAKE living, breathing natural creatures like that-I'd have gone up and told the woman what if some stranger came up and took HER children? How would she feel?!

    I really hope those babies are okay >.<

  4. I too feel that it's bad to steal animals.. you never know that if the kids are able to properly care for the "wild birds"... good on you to go to church.. I sometimes too get to service late especially when the hubs stalls waking up in the morning.

  5. Oh, I have to say that just about broke my heart Callie. How dishonest...very sad.

    Kudos for teaching your kids the right way.


  6. The ducklings are so cute. You've been busy here. I am just now catching up.

  7. i agree...
    so wrong about stealing the ducks..
    i would have had to say something...


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