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Making Lunch With Love

I make breakfast for my son each morning before he goes to school, but he eats lunch at school. Or used to! 

He came home sick one day and had the runs for a long time.  When he could return to school, I started to make his lunch so that he wouldn't eat anything too much for his delicate stomach at the time until I was certain he was fully recovered. 

I made sure it was healthy and tried to mix it up. I actually felt great making lunch for him. 

He would come home and tell me how much he LOVED his lunch and want me to make it again and again and again and you can imagine what that did to mommy's ego. 

Since then I've been making his snack and lunch for school. 

When I inquired about his lunch he said he never used to be full after lunch because they only got a small amount. Which explains why the minute he got in the car he was raving hungry! 

He also said the lunches didn't taste good all the time.  I want him to finish up the rest of the money we have at the school and I'll just keep making his lunch until he no longer wants me to, but I might just ask for a cheque instead. 

I don't want my son hungry while doing school. That can be very distracting. 
So for now I'll be making his lunches and snacks when he wants me to. 

Do you make your child's school lunches? or do they eat at school? 

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  1. I used to make lunches because we are vegetarian and not much on school menus they could eat. Not so sure they were all that appreciative I had one very picky eater. Now that he’s married though, he and his wife both love what mom makes 

  2. PS I meant to say yours look delicious!

  3. I do it sometimes for my 10 yr old. Since I changed his school, he now likes their lunch and rarely requests it :)

  4. My kids ALWAYS get home made lunches. Our school system has the nastiest food! Blech!

    Your lunches look fun!!

  5. I make my kids lunch everyday!

    I remember when I was little I only got a polony sammich.

  6. My girls are 12 & 13. They are too cool to have mommy make their lunch, lol.

    Your food looks good and healthy.

  7. My DH or I make our kids lunches everyday. Yours look delicious here!

    ~Staci at

  8. We make our son's lunch, but then he only wants a sandwich and some fruits --EVERY DAY! I think he just wants to be able to finish quickly so that he could go play. :)

  9. My kids come home for lunch. The older ones make their own lunch.

    Thanks for dropping by at Momfever.

  10. since broxton isn't in school yet, we don't do this..
    but i do plan on making it for him when he starts !


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