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Me, Myself And I - Aloha!

We have a meager budget. I don't buy clothes or shoes and the likes for myself, unless I do surveys long enough (a year or two) and accumulate enough for a gift card. 
When I get this gift card I usually have to focus really hard in getting something for me and not just getting food items or something for the kids. 

I will buy for the children on sale but for me, no. 

I've started to focus on buying myself something that is just for me. It's just $10 but it's for me. The only cereal I love is Basic. So I try to purchase this for me and my beloved chocolate.  Those are the two things that I will get for me without too much anxiety. *Noting all the 'me' in this post* lol*

What about you? 


What is something that you buy or do just for you? 

Do you make money separate from your spouse? or do you have a one income family? 


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  1. I get a pedicure & manicure for me, and yes I work out of my home as a transcriber. So yes it is a separate check, but it goes into my checking account, but it's the house fund too. I pay all the bills. It's a long story, but it works for us.

  2. Oh my! Congratulations on the wonderful idea~ I think I need to some up with something too, it has to be so mentally satisfying.
    Now the second amazing thing is that Basic 4 is my MOST favorite cereal.
    Thirdly, your question is so timely, I had sort of a discussion on the income subject today.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I relate to your post totally, since I hardly ever buy anything for myself. Basic 4 is the only cereal I eat.

    If I have to buy something, it usually is a handbag or shoes that badly needed to be replaced.

    I'm a single mom, so it's a one income family.

  4. I rarely ever do or buy things for myself - might have to change that, eh? ;) I usually spend what extra money I have on Princess Nagger. :) We're a one-income family, though I do make a little money of my own with my side business. :)

    Aloha: Road Trip

  5. DR Pepper is all for me :) I make money on my blog but we are mainly a 1 income family.

  6. We are a one income family. With four kids, our budget is always running very tight. I don't buy much for myself in the way of clothing or shoes, etc. One thing I do "splurge" on for myself is books and magazines.

  7. Things I buy just for myself, is very nice smelling perfumes, I love wearing a nice smelling perfume, and never leave home without it. And I also buy way to many books for myself.

    We have two rentals, I get the money from one just for myself, and he takes the other. Other than that we are a one income family.

  8. Maybe because you mentioned it too, the first things that come to mind is Cereal and Chocholate. I LOVE the Kashi U cereal, and luckily my kids don't so I'm not even tempted to share, because it costs a little more than their cereal. And, I keep a special stash of chocholate...various kinds, but not the kind you hand out for halloween, that I keep hidden in a special spot and eat slowly (a small piece each day) so it lasts a long time. Right now I have chocholate covered pomegranate seeds theree (YUM!).

    Oh, and speaking of third "just for me" treat is pomegranate berry smoothies at Taco Bueno. Absolutely love them...but only get them now and then, when I'm out by myself.

  9. The just for me would have to be a very rarely acquired but much needed pedicure. I found this little place close by where I take the kids just the other day and they were quite reasonable and they did a great job. So I'm chuffed about that.

    Do I make my own income. I'm trying. I've started on a new business venture so hopefully in time, I'll be bringing in a little bit of spare income. :)

    Callie - I apologize profusely. I haven't been to see you recently because I think my subscriptions got all messed up. I started a new blog and so I reset everything. I've resubscribed to emails based on my new address so hopefully I'll be getting them regularly again.

    I'd love it if you followed me on my new blog. ! :)

  10. we are a one income family...
    i do not really buy anything for "me" but I did get a haircut recently! :)

  11. That's a hard one because I really don't spend money on myself O.o My boyfriend yells at me all the time because I buy and give stuff to everyone else, but I don't do anything for me.

    It's really sad, but I can't think of anything!! I do buy books every once in a blue moon-Does that count? Lol

    Happy Friday!

  12. I earn a separate income from my husband from running my blog giveaway directory as well as ghost writing, but it's not yet to the point where it is equal to his income. We treat my income basically as our emergency fund. It pays for car repairs and my daughter's marching band fees and other things that are hard to fit into the family budget.

    I am with you in that I rarely buy anything for myself. With 4 kids, they always need things more than I do. However, every once in awhile, I do treat myself to some new craft supplies.

  13. Well, that's kind of an awkward question. I'm not married & anything I buy is for me. I guess any money I make goes to bills & I guess what do I buy that maybe isn't in living expenses is spending money on my CD/s, but I make money on those. I just don't think that question is for me. Maybe next time. Have a great weekend.

  14. I treat myself to Starbucks when I am by myself...or a pedicure once in awhile.

    We are a one income family other that what I sometimes make from my blog.

  15. I buy pretzels. No one else in my family likes them.


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