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No Shoes On The Table Please! - WW

You know how I feel about shoes in my home.

So I bought them indoor shoes. shoes on the table please!

Not the box either.


yes it's the girl.

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  1. LOL my daughter loves to put shoes away. I once searched for my shoes for 5minutes only to be told "they'rein the closet where they belong, mommy!"

  2. Those are such sweet shoes!

  3. Oh! But they are such cute, sweet little shoes!

  4. I'm feeling for you with the shoes. It happens to all of us.

    Have a great day!

  5. Well, at least they aren't her OUTDOOR shoes O.o
    They are cute though xD

  6. they are cute shoes!!!!
    how did the shoe issue work out, by the way

  7. Cute shoes! What can I say. Hope you're having a great Monday.


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