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Smartphones: Do You Really NEED One?

I'm starting to think I'm the only one without a smart phone. I only got my cellphone because I received my driver's license and driving around with children on the road, I wanted to be able to call for help if something happened. So my phone is only for emergencies. 

I have no need of having a phone to use for internet or anything else...well maybe the coupon app is starting to sound good. I still don't think I need one at the moment though. Not that we even have the money to consider such a thing. 

Funny thing is, I see people bawling about not having the money to do this and that and etc and yet they have a smartphone which cost so much.  So my questions for you this week:

1. Do you have a smartphone? 
2. If you don't have one, do you intend to get one soon? 

I made the 15 bean soup with ham. next time I'll add sausages too. It was yummy!

What is your foodie thing for this week?

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  1. 1.) I don't have a smart phone
    2.) I wish I had a smart phone only because I multi-task and don't like to sit still. BUT that is NO reason to shell out big bucks on a monthly cell-phone bill and the cost of the phone to begin with!!!! So I don't plan on getting one any time soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 1) I have a blackberry that a friend gave to me when she upgraded to the iPhone4.

    I don't use mine on the net. I use it for calling and texting only.

  3. yes, I have one of those. :-) An Android EVO to be exact. My SO bought it for me when I became the full pledge "domestic" partner.
    I love it, it saves me a lot of time. I can read emails, surf the net and find places while I am out on the road. It's sometimes a tool, and not so much a luxury to me.

  4. I do have a smartphone (for 4 years now) and love it. You can blog from it, check email accounts, google etc... Very convenient for times when you are on the go. I did recently remove the Facebook & Twitter apps to keep me off of social networking sites more. It was a very smart idea.

    My favorite foodie thing of the week was my garlic stuffed roast beef I cooked earlier this week. Yummy!! Your beans looks so delicious!

  5. I have two. One I won and the other I bought. I love them both. They're convenient since I don't like to lug around my laptop.

  6. we just got androids... LOVE them.. before that, we had blackberrys!!!
    i love my phone too much

  7. 1) I don't have a smart phone for fear of the big bill.

    2) I would love to get one in the future, but not any time soon.

  8. Yay for getting your drivers license and yes, having a phone is smart for emergencies - SmartPhone or not. :)

    The hubby and I recently dove in and got SmartPhones. While we don't need them since we're not big cell phone users to begin with, we couldn't pass up the screamin' good deal AT&T was having for the college students and staff where he works. We decided to at least go against the grain and not go with the iPhone, but got an Android phone (Samsung) instead. LOVE them - and yes, the (free) apps are awesome (and some can be time sucks, you know, like Angry Birds...) But the nice thing is since we didn't sign up for all the bells and whistles contract-wise, it's not breaking our budget like we thought it would. The GPS mode recently helped the hubby when he was lost traveling somewhere, and forgot to bring along his regular GPS. :)

    Aloha: The Eyes Have It

  9. I felt like you two weeks ago....till I finally broke down under the pressure of my family and friends telling me that I just possibly might be the LAST blogger on earth without using a smart phone....

    Glad to see they were wrong, but I am truly enjoying my smart phone without being addicted to it and have my face in it all the time like most people I know.

    I do love the convenience of being able to work while I am waiting places.

  10. Sorry if this is a duplicate. Blogger's been messing up again and it didn't show that my first try went through.

    I don't have nor do I plan on getting a SmartPhone.

    My foodie thing for the week: Fresh field peas(black eyes) with snaps, straight out of the garden. It took me about 2 hours to shell them.
    Here's Mine

  11. I have a semi-smart phone. I can do FB, twitter, get emails, text and of course calls. My hubby has one though. I do plan on getting one once I can upgrade next year!

  12. You are not alone! LOL I don't have a smartphone either, but we'll see what happens when it's time to renew our contract.

    I'm definitely not spending $200 sum dollars though. That's for sure!

    Happy Friday :)

  13. i have a droid and i am addicted to the fb app, sad I know!

    I am now following you on GFC! Came by from boost your blog! Come say hi

  14. I'm an Apple gal so I have an iPhone4.

    An Island Life

  15. no smart phone for me. I don't even use my cell phone. I got it for emergencies only once I had my daughter so I have it in the car when we travel. I NEVER use it. I hate the phone! Must come from years of working in customer service when I was on the darn thing all day long LOl!

  16. You know, I didn't get the phone for blogging. I think it was SO's idea to help me juggle, parent, kids and all with less stress. I can do with a regular phone and a navigation system, but yes I have an Android. It is fabulous as people say. I know many people who resist blackberry, etc. only come to when they finally made the jump, they are the most addicted. I think with everything, we have to use it to our advantage and not let it consume us.

  17. I don't have a smartphone yet. Too expensive for me right now, but I'd love to get one someday!

  18. i have a smartphone--an android and i love it. its like a mini computer. i pay half the usual price for phone and data because i'm part of my work's group cell phone plan.

    what did we do without them lol?

  19. I had a dumb phone forever, but got an iphone in Feb. I LOVE it. It's amazing. Though I don't need it, it does make a lot of things easier, more accessible, more fun.

  20. Yes, we are broke and YES, we have had iPhones for nearly two years now. I could not live without mine. It has been a lifesaver for me in many instances. I completely recommend it!! In fact, when my 9yo is ready for a cell phone (probably not for a few years, I hope), I plan on getting her one, too. Well, maybe not at first... ;)

  21. I have a Droid and I am totally addicted to it. I could never go back to a life without a smartphone. I would sacrifice other things for the ability to twitter on the go. lol

    That soup looks delicious! I haven't had 15 bean soup in ages. Now I'm hungry!

    I've been a bad blogger friend by not visiting as much as I should. Life is CRAZY at the moment now that the girls are home from school for the summer. Thanks for always being so supportive. xox

  22. I have no smart phone yet, since I can't afford the monthly payment. Some time, I know I want one and just want to get it to catch up with life.

  23. I don’t have a smartphone and I don’t plan of buying one honestly. I just don’t like to use cell phones with complicated features. It wastes my time. Plus, it’s expensive to maintain. What I’m using is a simple cell phone with the most practical features, a Just5 cell phone specifically. If you are practical, you might opt for this one as well.


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