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Spicing Up My Office Space

Today I came home from the final day of VBS exhausted! I thought of all the emails I have to check and all the blog posts that needs to go live and I was also thinking of how my back is going to hurt sitting on the couch in such an awkward position with the computer for a long time.

I really don't have to sit on the couch during my blogging. I can sit at the desk and have more of a balance, however the chair is not working out well and I'm starting to want to sit on mounted boxes instead! So I choose my couch plus it's closer to the TV!

We do have a good desk. It came with the house. I guess it was just too heavy for them to move it. The drawers are already falling apart, but otherwise very big and strong desk.

While I would definitely take a sleek new set of office furniture for my little office, what I mostly need right now is some good chairs, a few bookcases and a good filing cabinet. You should see the amount of books we have! I seriously want to open my own home library!

Anyway, I'm checking out the bush business furniture and this computer desk is just right for my needs. I especially love the storage and being able to have display areas. My mother-in-law has a desk similar to this and I have always admired it. I'm in love with the designs of the bush desks.

When buying chairs I love to sit in them and see how they fit and roll and twirl. So while looking for comfort, I still want something that will serve me a long time while keeping me in good shape posture wise.
This chair looks like something that would give me the back/spinal support I need.
I want a strong and sturdy  bookcase that will fit a lot of books. Of course with kids you want something safe. I'm always cautious about height because I don't want one falling over and causing hurt.

And I think this is the cutest filing cabinet ever! My husband wants a filing system so much! We'd probably need a bigger one but gosh this is just perfect! And they have the color that I want too to match the other furniture in our home.
So for now I'll try to find a good spot on my couch, propped up with pillows until I can find myself a chair that my spine will love!

Do you have a good chair at home that you enjoy sitting in?

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  1. So lovely! I want my office redone.

  2. I would love an office period. We haven't mastered teech brushing yet.


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