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Teaching Kids Financial Literacy

My kids have had their own little piggy banks since they turned three years old. I never had anyone to teach me about handling finances, but then there was not much to handle anyway. However I want my children to learn early about handling money.

They love having their own little piggies and there are many reasons, they'll get money to put in their banks. I usually share and discuss money and my son now understands that I don't just take things from the store, we have to pay for it etc.

He tells me his piggy is almost full. So now we will be thinking how best to handle this new event when it arrives. He will definitely be in the big decision making. I feel sure he'll want to buy a toy but I'm hoping he'll share it with the bank.

In the meantime, I've received some really cool material to help with teaching my kids about financial literacy. I love all the help I can get. You can never be to savvy right?

I remember as a child how nervous and excited I was to learn my multiplications table.
I have a multiplication sheet that my kids can use to learn the tables and they'll be able to write and wipe it off when finished. 2x2=_ etc.
For now they use both a calculator and the abacus for these tables.

Activity Book 1 and 2 - Have a world of fun learning about money and get the basics of earning, spending, saving and investing by Lori Mackey with Judy Austin

Content includes:
  • Mandarin Mountains - Introduction of money, it's history, and sources of income; the differences between needs and wants; and choices matching interests with careers
  • Tangy Town - earning, paychecks, taxes, budgeting
  • Navel City - earning and paying interest; money decisions
  • Orangeopolis - stocks, investing

These books are a complement to the Planet Orange website, Orangekids
It covers a lot of information and will definitely be handy as my kids get older and learn more about the heavier side of money.

Design Your Child's Financial Future - A workbook to help parents teach kids money management by Lori Mackey

This books covers a wide range of topics and two of my favorites are:
Teaching the Power of Giving - Charitable worksheet and Using Allowance to Your Benefit.

I'm hoping that my son will want to open a bank account with some of his savings and there is a topic in this book that I will be reading with him as time gets closer.

A step by step guide to Help Parents Teach Kids Money Management . How much money would a child accumulate if investments and savings were started at a young age?

How much of an advantage would children have in adulthood if sound financial habits were as natural as walking and talking?

Design Your Child’s Financial Future, is a workbook to help parents empower their children to become financially secure. “If a child starts thinking like a millionaire from a very young age, his or her financial future is guaranteed to be bright. And, what parents don’t know, this book will teach them. These techniques can benefit entire families.”Increasing numbers of young adults maintain continuous debt and are landing on their parents’ doorsteps as a result of financial problems. Yet, few schools offer even the most basic courses in money management. Without some sort of education, children have little hope of learning the skills necessary to stay out of debt, let alone create wealth or fulfilling careers.

It's Only $1 until you add to it Allowance Chart - Teach your child valuable lessons about:
  • Earning Money
  • Valuing Money
  • Counting Money
  • Saving Money
  • Donating Money
  • Spending Money Wisely

The chart shows 7 days with plenty of space to write morning and afternoon chores with a wet erase pen. Plus goals, dreams and desires so children can plan and work towards special items they want to purchase.

I love that this is also a wipe off book and it's great teaching tool. Simple and easy for my son's age.

If you are looking for some great resources to introduce your children to handling money or how you handle money in your family, these books and charts are perfect for you.

You can visit prosperity4kids for more great financial information for parents and teachers for children!

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Award-Winning mompreneur, Lori Mackey, guides kids down the road to financial freedom, and help parents put an end to the “gimmies”.  Having two young children of her own, Lori understands the hardships of trying to teach your children the value of money, and simple concepts such as saving, investing and spending money wisely. Lori created Prosperity4Kids to education children in a fun and engaging way, teaching valuable lessons on how to grow up and be financially savvy adults.

Lori has partnered with ING DIRECT to create a series of fun and creative activity books that engage children in the basics of earning, spending, saving and investing through fun activities using word searches, check writing and math concepts teaching compound interest, investing and the rule of 72.  Schools and kids clubs have already begun to implement the books into their curriculum and school children are learning valuable life lessons in money management. ING DIRECT is donating the two part series to schools, teachers and parents in order to encourage financial education.

This was not a paid post and these opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to the company who supplied the products for the review. Facebook is in no way associated or responsible for this feature. See my disclosure.

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  1. Wow! That's quite a bit of material you've got there :) I think it's WONDERFUL that you're teaching your kids about money at an early age; I think that's SO important!

  2. Yes, it's really cool, but don't push it sweetie. Your kids are just that. 'KIDS" Don't take that childhood from them with all that adult stuff. Teach them what they need to know like the value of a dollar, and leave it at that. I was forced to teach my children too early, and I regret it today.

  3. I'm going to check these resources out. My kids have piggy banks too but I still think that things are free or that you can pay for things with leaves and shells.

  4. Great resources. In the long run your kids will be better off because you taught them about money. So many kids are given everything and never taught how to manage money. Rock on!!

    Thanks for stopping in and vising me during the Blog Bash. Good luck with your entry! I'm already following your blog and wanted to stop in and say HI!

    Have a great weekend.
    xoxox SusieQTpies


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