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Birthing In Style

I should try to find out why the hospitals all use the same gowns for birth mothers and blankets for babies.

Anyway for now I wish I had the chance to choose my own birthing gown. I'd definitely go with red but this one looks good too.

Did you get to choose your own birthing gown? Or is the hospital gown mandatory with every hospital? 

 Apparently you can choose your own gown in some places.

I found this gown at dress to deliver website. It's pretty expensive though, so I wouldn't be buying this one anytime soon. But I think it's a pretty cool idea.

This month is all about Proverbs in worship and today is day 14.
My verses today are:

20: The poor are shunned by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends.
21 He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy.

31 He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.


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  1. I didn't get to choose. I'm sure in some places you can. I had twins, and I had to be in an OR so they could try to turn one of mine who was breech and just in case they needed medical attention quickly since they were so early. So, no choice at all Besides, you might as well be completely naked when you're giving birth! LOL

  2. No..I got the standard unattractive one to wear.

  3. I wore the normal green surgical gown..I guess I wasn't too bothered about what I wore as mine was a c-section and I was flat out due to GA.

  4. I'm pretty sure I had those wonderful hospital gowns for my kids.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. The hospital I gave birth to Princess Nagger in had the standard hospital gown - it would have been nice to have been more 'stylish'...ahem. ;)

    Aloha: Hot Boredom

  6. I used a standard gown by choice. I do not think we had to use it, but I didn't want to get anything nasty from birthing onto something I owned. It was choice that I used their items the entire time I was there.

  7. they did not give me a choice..
    at least i dont think so :)
    lol, i didnt care, i just wanted my baby!

  8. never even heard of choosing. I had the standard hospital gown

  9. I could have chosen my own but went with the hospital gown!!

  10. It wasn't mandatory for me. But they do warn that whatever you wear might get ruined. I seriously doubt they can keep you from wearing what you want to wear.

  11. I got the standard lovely hospital gowns! I had 3 c/s though so it didn't much matter. Aloha!

  12. Woah, that's a pretty fancy hospital, then! :-) The hospital I gave birth (and will give birth in again in a short while) just has the same standard gown. I don't mind, really. At that point, I'm more concerned about the labor pains, getting my baby out, then recuperating! Hahaha! When I finally start caring about what I'm wearing, it's time to go home! ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you have a great Friday!

  13. Is this the Aloha Friday Post? I am here from My youngest son is 11 needless to say same ol gown same ol receiving blankets. But I do really like the proverb scriptures you posted.

  14. What are you kidding? A hospital does that now? When I was birthing my babies they only gave me the ugliest hospital gown on this here planet! YUK

  15. I don't know why the hospital say we can bring our own gowns, because I spent most of my time in the hospitals gown. C-section. It isn't mandatory, but when in pain the gown is the last complaint I had. Smiles.

  16. I used the hospital's birthing gown but changed into my own hospital gown (product review) after she was born.

    An Island Life

  17. I didn't get to choose the gown, but then I didn't care either which one I had to wear.

    I'm glad they offer choices now though!


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