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Christmas In July With Storkie!

My mom lives in the Caribbean and doesn't get to see my children except through webcam and speaking with them on the phone.

So I love sending her fun cards with milestones of how the children are growing or just an awesome photo I managed to capture of them in the midst of their hurry to grow up :)

She loves these little treats of the children for her mementos and memories and we get to talk about what they are doing and just share our lives as much as is possible with her oceans away. 

My son had a ceremony when his Kindergarten year was over and while it wasn't a cap and gown event like some schools held, I was hoping to send a photo card of him holding his certificates and awards he received in his ceremony.

Something my mom can hang on her wall and be all grandmama proud. I've already sent a photo of this to her but maybe I can send a more put together one from And Storkie lets you do the most fun things with your photo cards!

Last year I used Storkie to send Christmas cards to our extended family. I loved the cards they sent and they even added self addressed envelopes! They have really stylish and unique Christmas cards. As a matter a fact, they have a wide variety of cards for just about any occasion!
About Storkie:
Storkie Express was started in 1990 by a WAHM with a vision for a new type of stationery experience. For over 20 years that vision and our founding mission have remained at the core of what we do: providing high quality, affordable custom printed invitations, announcements and cards, along with an unparalleled customer experience.
Over the years, the business has grown from a company specializing in baby stationery to a complete life events stationery company, with new product genres continually added: wedding invitations, graduation invitations, and Christmas cards, to name a few. Our core mission has remained steadfast. 
At Storkie Express we are committed to innovation, and continue to lead the industry in customization capabilities. We are dedicated to providing a unique technology platform, enabling robust and easy personalization! Our exclusive iDesign tool allows full control over wording, fonts, colors, layout and more. 
Our "Dynamic Designs" allow for unprecedented design creation for real-time customization of color combinations and graphics. The result is unique stationery to match your special style!
So if you need stationery that are unique and stylish for any occasion, definitely visit Storkie and enjoy putting your creative juices on paper. They also have really fast shipping and if you ever have any problems, their customer service is great!

Find them At and facebook -

I will receive a gift card for sharing about this campaign with Storkie. See my disclosure.

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  1. I absolutely adore the ones with the bride, etc. at the bottom!

  2. My I know what that name stood for. Wow, those are really nice!


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