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Do You Have A Wedge?

I don't have a wedge.
I probably would have gotten one when I was younger, but I don't remember being able to afford one then either.

Now I just love comfort on my feet and being able to chase my kids when necessary.

Of course I wouldn't mind the lift to be a bit taller, but like I said, 'comfort' :)

Do you wear wedgies?
Do you prefer style or comfort in regards to shoe shopping?

Anyway, I like these, expensive, but stylish.

Dolce Vita Tyla Strappy - $79 at Dolce vita

 Banana Republic Shey Sunburst - $70


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  1. What cute shoes! I love wedges but I just don't wear them anymore. I'm more of a flip-flop kind of girl these days. I'm all about comfort. :-)

  2. I love wedges but don't own any only because I seldom buy anything for myself. I wear flip flops just about all summer!

  3. I really like wedges a lot, but I tend to go the flip flop route pretty much every day.

  4. omg I love these! Especially the blue ones. I actually don't think I own any wedges but I do have a lot of heels :)
    yay for them making me taller! :D

  5. I wore them when younger and I think they are cute, but now it just seems I'm draggin this thing huge thing around on my foot which impedes progress. Never wear heels anymore, I shop at REI for cute but practical Merril sporty type shoes that can go hiking in water and provide absolute comfort to the foot.

  6. I love those shoes, I had a few before, but they were so worn out that I have none now. They are very comfortable.

  7. I love these shoes but I'm already 5 feet 10 inches so wearing these shoes will make me so tall. I prefer flip flops.

  8. cute.. but not my style...
    i am more tennis shoes or flip flops...


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