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Iceberg Up Close and Personal - Aloha!

Have you ever seen an iceberg up close and personal?

How about a leopard? News says it attacked a couple guards and strayed into the village in India but was caught later.

Who knew you could hack the sign?? (somewhere in NC)


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  1. That iceberg looks so unreal floating out there!

  2. those are all just so crazy!
    hope you are planning for a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. wow never would of guess with all that green grass you would be able to see such a huge iceburg!

  4. I didn't know anything about the iceberg, or the leopard or hacking the sign! Should it be on my list to learn then? :-)

  5. Woah, that iceberg looks crazy! And massive! I wonder where this village is - they sure do have a great view! LOL! Hope you're having a great Friday!

  6. i've never seen any of those in real life lol. have a great weekend!

  7. That iceberg looks so cool! :)

  8. Your comment form looks nice and lovely. How you made this?

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  9. No, I have never seen an iceberg but would like to since I think it would be amazing. A leopard, yes at either one of the parks at Busch Gardens or Disney World.

  10. That iceberg is so looks like a building or something!

  11. Is that a real iceberg? That's pretty cool!

    Aloha - Kailani
    An Island Life

  12. Never seen any of these. Iceberg is beautiful though, I'm guessing that photo is of Newfoundland :)

  13. all very interesting! The iceberg is amazing.

  14. That iceberg pic is awesome! I'd hate to be in that village in India though.


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