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The Man Test

Hundreds of questions to test everything a real man should know! 

Yes it's a book and it's also for women! Seriously I couldn't pull my eyes off it because there are quite a few things I don't know shhh, don't tell my kids :) and this book is the perfect teaching tool! 

It would have made a really good Father's Day gift addition, but it will still be a gift for Mr man when he gets back. I feel he'll find a thing or two in this book that he needs to be reminded of or brush up on. 

The Man Test covers a wide variety of topics. A few of my faves are: 
  • Finance and Negotiation
  • Transportation
  • Urban and Outdoor Survival
  • Home Maintenance 
  • Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle
Under those headings are sub headings that deals with specific topics. For instance;
Home Maintenance covers:
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • General
  • Painting
The Answer Key sections are right after the questions and scenarios section which is so much easier than flipping all the way to the back of the book to get the answers! I like that. 

The books give short and to the point answers, just like men like it. Women prefer details :) but short answer work great for us too! 

Product Description:
It's Time to Man Up!

Forget all those obsolete sports stats and useless action movie facts. Test your knowledge in the real categories that make a man, from finance and negotiation to etiquette and domestic skills.

The Test and Urban & Outdoor Survival

1. A bear is about to attack you. You should...

(a) Run away as fast as you can
(b) Slowly back away, speak softly, and avoid eye contact
(c) Stand tall, act aggressive, and shout

2. (True/False) Your chances of surviving a plane crash improve 40% by sitting towards the front.

3. In a hurricane, what are you most likely to die from?

(a) High winds and flying debris
(b) Government rescue efforts
(c) Inland flooding
(d) Starvation

4. Your car veers off a bridge. What should you do?

(answers: b, false, c, get out-fast)

The Man Test is made up entirely of multiple choice and true/false quizzes, literally testing your manhood. At the end of each category is the answer key and an explanation of why that is the correct answer.

All topics are discussed in humorous way but still focusing on important life lessons.

After taking the test you can impress your friends and family, with the knowledge you have gained from The Man Test. Or if you already knew everything, you can definitely call yourself a real man.

About the Author:
Robert Dodenhoff is a devoted single father committed to raising his own boys (Alex, 12, Bret, 15 and Conner, 17) to be independent, self-confident and successful men.

He is also a marketing and promotions expert and entrepreneur. He is the founder and President of No Fear Media, a non-profit company offering web-based advice to youths on life-critical issues.

Definitely a fun book to have on my bookshelf!
Pick up one for your son or Significant Other!

This was not a paid post. I received the book for this review. See my disclosure

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  1. Sounds fascinating but I cannot lure hubby into reading ANYthing. lol

  2. He sounds like a fantastic father, and author, and an interesting book for summer reading.


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