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Pebbles Boulders Limited Edition - What's On Your Breakfast Menu?

All I saw were little fingers grabbing for the bones and boulders in their cereal bowls. They couldn't wait to have milk poured on so they could taste the Limited Edition Pebbles Boulders cereal!

You can eat it as snack with fruit slices or just by itself or with milk as a cereal. A little tip. It taste alot better with apples slices than with strawberries :)

My kids and I love it. Especially the caramel flavor.

The new cereal with mammoth taste from Pebbles has 16 grams of whole grains along with playful boulders and dinosaur bones - offering a boulder part of a complete breakfast.

Only Pebbles has the fun of Fred Flintsone, Barney Rubble and the rest of the Flintstones gang.

New Pebbles Boulders Stone Age Caramel Apple cereal is currently available for a limited time. Look for more delicious new flavors from the Boulders family in grocery stores, coming soon! Visit for more information or for Flintstone themed online games, check out

Pebbles Boulders:

16 grams of whole grains
Only 8 grams of sugar
110 Calories
Excellent source of Vitamin D
Provides 10 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
Contaings no high frutose corn syrup

I'm a one cereal kind of girl, but it's always fun to find different flavors and variety for the rest of my family who are adventurous :) 

Grab a box and let me know what you think!

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  1. The only cereal I eat is Basic 4, and I won't buy cereal with so many colors in them, but my son would like this definitely!

    To answer your question: all the blog posts on other blogs, I just leave them! I don't know how to import them or have the time to deal with this headache.

  2. Wow, that cereal definitely brings me back! I haven't seen it in quite awhile O.O

  3. I don't think the even sell that here. I've never seen it before but it does look good!

    An Island Life


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