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She Adopted A Baby!!

I love the heart of people open to adoption. I remember when I wanted so badly to have someone talk into that orphanage (girls home) and choose me to take home and be apart of their family. I'd day dream about this every moment! It never happened but it made me realize how much I want to adopt a child or children when I grew up and was a stable adult.

So it just brings me joy to see a family choose to adopt.

Have you ever thought of adopting into your family?
Have you ever visited an orphanage?

Denise have adopted a little girl. Of course we know adoption goes on every day around the US, but it's good to see and hear good news these days.

And Dolly is cooking up a storm on her blog. Go visit and share some yum!
Right now I need to start making dinner and I'm thinking fish and rice or be rescued by pizza,except I don't have the money and if I use the CC I'm sure to plunge into royal anxiety attack!


What are you making for dinner?

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  1. I have not thought about adopting. Admittingly, I believe it takes a very special person to consider adoption. It's wonderful there are people who open up not only their homes, but their hearts to needy children. Both parties benefit greatly.

    It seems like when I was younger, I went to an orphanage where my young cousins were put sometime after their mother died. My uncle for some unknown reason just didn't want to or couldn't take care of them. That leaves me baffled, but thankfully many family and close friends took my cousins in. In fact, my parents adopted one of my cousins.

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  2. I hadn't heard that news about her, but what a darling baby.

    I tend to go the rescued by pizza route. lol

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  4. No.I am already crazy with my kids. I think if I was rich like Demi More or who ---uh---it's Angelina J., I would. I would adopt just to get the kids out of their current status and give them something better.

  5. Hi Tiffany. It doesn't say Mandatory to be a follower so I did not know that was a requirement.

  6. I saw a story about Denise Richards adopting a baby but this is the first photo I have seen.

    I have never visited an orphanage but did think about adopting at one time.

    We grilled hamburgers for dinner.

  7. We haven't considered adoption before and don't think we are ready to do so as it's already quite tiring coping with the 3 kids.
    No.. we haven' visited an orphanage before.

  8. I used to visit an orphanage and the kids used to hang off me when I was leaving. It used to break my heart.
    I have thought about it, but so far, we haven't taken the plunge.

    I'd do it if the child was younger than ours. However, it's difficult to find such a child. Most of them are older and already influenced.

  9. 1) I have thought about adopting before, but God gave me my own children and I'm thankful for that.

    2) As a child I lived in a sort of an orphanage, so I knew what it was like and how many children were abandoned there.

    The heat wave is really soaking my energy, so we had take out noodles for dinner.

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  11. Hubby and I have often talked about adopting, since Princess Nagger was my miracle, and there is no chance for a repeat. ;) We actually have something in the works right now. Hopefully I'll be able to blog about it soon! :)

    Growing up, hubby's mom apparently made fish for dinner every Friday night - so since it's Friday, I'll probably be making fish & rice tonight...except it's so stinkin' hot, I'm hoping I can talk hubby into getting take-out tonight. ;)

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  12. I love when celebrities adopt kids. They give them very privileged lives that they would not otherwise have.

  13. Oh wow, I had no idea you grew up in an orphanage. I love that you see the positive side of things and think of ways you can make life better for others.

  14. Yes to both. Even though I had 2 beautiful biological sons, I truly thought about adoption when a coworker approached me about her grand daughter. And while a senior in HS, for a psychology class, we were taken to a facility where severely cognitive/emotionally challenged youngsters lived and to this day, I still remember every detail.

  15. I had 5 children, so never thought to adopt,

    However, my oldest son and DIL adopted 3 girls. They first adopted a baby girl, and when she was 9 months old, the lawyer called and asked it they would be interested in adopting twin girls, they would be sisters to their daughter, they said YES, how could we refuse, we were so happy to have one baby, but now they would have 3 babies. The twins were born 14 months after their sister. The oldest is now 20 years old, and the twin girls will be 19 in September.

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  16. I've thought about it. I just don't know if I want to go through the hole child raising thing again. Guess I'm getting old :)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. Dinner tonight? Frozen pizza. It's the best I can do! LOL!

  18. I considered adoption when I was having trouble staying pregnant (ectopic, coupla miscarriages) then a time of infertility. Then, I found the dr. who healed me. Adoption is such a great thing, though. I have 2 friends whose daughters are adopted.

  19. I had five children at a early age, and I was around people who were having babies, and had no business having babies, and then I was around babies having babies if you know what I mean. I've worked hard all my life, and by the time I could rest my baby was having babies. So, I guess you might say I had one, raised one, then she had one and helped raised one, and so the cycle goes. Although I did think about it once, but only for a very short time. Nope, I've never been to an orphanage. Hugs & thanks for the plug on our Thursday Recipe Swap Meet. When you going to put one of your recipes up so I can swap you? HUGs


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