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Summer And Football Season Equals Grilling!

You wont find me buying a tie as a gift for a man, or for my husband. Not only does he not wear them, it seems to be more of a stocking stuffer than a gift.

And speaking about gifts, have you noticed how hard it is to shop for men?! I'm sure they might say the same thing for us because of the wide variety of things available, but for them it seems to be the opposite.

A few years back, during football season, the subject of grilling came up and I was surprised to find out that my husband wasn't the outdoor grilling type. You know the one, walking around in flip flops and shorts with apron donned, and burger tongs in hand as he does the grilling dance and neighbors drool etc etc.....

No he is not that kind of man. He is the man who shows up and eat the burgers and whatever else is being grilled by that man who cooks the food.

I wasn't really disappointed. I was just fishing to see what he likes and what I could get him for a gift.

It seemed every time I went shopping, I'd end up browsing grills that would be a nice surprise for him. Good thing I asked first right? :)

Anyway maybe I can do the grilling myself and teach my son, but someone else better keep the grill running with fuel or coal or however it's maintained. Maybe I should discuss that part of the deal with him.

We have a good size backyard and I was thinking that one of these weber grills would do a 30 year stint with us. I've heard they do last a long time with much care. My inlaws have a grill out in their backyard and seems to have had it for many years.

And since we rarely go out and don't have a big family network here, it would be nice to hang out with family in our yard and just enjoy down time in an easy relaxing manner without having to be a host all the time.

I zeroed in on one of the most expensive grills during my window shopping, and I couldn't help but notice that all the weber genesis grills have free shipping going on right now! 

While the genesis e310 is nice. I prefer the big sprawling grilling machine above. Of course I wouldn't buy such an expensive one but I can do whatever I want when window shopping!

Maybe later as our family grow and life changes, my husband might change his mind about getting a grill. I feel it will add some zazz to our summer and football seasons together.

Does your family have a grill? And do you cook out and invite family and friends over? Or are you the one being invited over to their cookout?

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  1. I love grilled food as it is so good. For my husband's birthday last year I bought a grill because he had been talking about it. That was in February and it has only been used once. I think he is the type that likes to eat the food but doesn't want to grill it. I should have asked more questions before buying it.

    Love the blog.

  2. Thanks for visiting with me. I am so glad I asked the hubs about the grill before surprising him! But I hope you guys will get into the mix of enjoying yours outdoor more as time goes on.

    Maybe you could try doing it yourself sometime, with music pumping and see how the husband joins you fast? :)

  3. Love your blog..I am a new follower.


  4. My hubby grills once in a great while. I bought him a new grill 3 years ago which has not had the lid raised once yet. Yes, we need to be detectives to know what they would want. When I ask I always get the same answer "Don't get me anything!"
    Where is the fun in that? Take him out to eat. They have to eat, (right?) and that gets us out of the kitchen too. :-)


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