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Thomas Sent Me Croissants!

I remember how much I used to love eating these soft buttery goodness, but after awhile it changed and got dry and not very appetizing, so I stopped buying them. The ones I used to eat wasn't from Thomas mind you. :)

I have tasted the Thomas pre-sliced sandwich croissants and I'm once again captured.

I love my croissants with anything. Sometimes just by themselves warmed, or with butter, jelly, eggs, ooh yes, please add bacon! :)

Now I'll get to try them with nutella! I can't wait!

Once again I'll have more delicious goodness on my breakfast menu. I love the choices because I'm the woman who always makes breakfast.

This is a new product so if you see it on your bread shelf, definitely grab a package and see for yourself how good these are! 

So let's meet up for breakfast French style!

How do you eat your croissants?

You might not be able to be in Paris to celebrate Bastille Day, so let Thomas’ help you celebrate the French holiday with new Sandwich Croissants! Pair them with eggs in the morning or delectable turkey and brie for lunch, these round and pre-sliced Sandwich Croissants are an ideal and easy option to add some flair to your sandwiches. 
These tasty new sandwich alternatives are the first and only fresh-baked croissants available in the bread aisle – and at 160 calories per serving, they’re a moderate – though delicious – indulgence.
Thomas’ Sandwich Croissants are currently available in the tri-state area, but will be coming to additional markets soon

Find them at or on facebook

I received a package of the NEW Thomas sandwich croissants to try.

See my disclosure.

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  1. Croissants are my weakness....I will keep my eyes open for these beauties.

  2. Those definitely do look like something I'd enjoy!


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