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Big, Green And Mean!

It's funny how different reality can be from what you picture in your mind. I've always loved the smell of mowed grass and I also assume that I could easily push the mower around and get the job done.  

Then my husband was away and we were starting to be surrounded by a jungle and no matter how much I thought I could wait for him to get home, to do the task, I realize it just couldn't be put off any longer. 

So I got my work clothes on, haul the mower out and did all that should be done and pulled the cord for the next six hours!!! Yes 6 hours!

I finally gave up. I was not defeated. I'm shy, but I'm a tenacious bull when I want something done.

I wrote the husband with my frustrations and hoping that my arm wouldn't die during the short email.

He sent instructions on things to check off the list of problems regarding why the mower might not be starting. 

Two days later, I went back out and got my tools, did the spark plug some service and shine and with just ONE PULL! one pull and the mower started!! I was so excited I almost ran with it.

I mowed and thought for sure I'd keel over.  Apparently my ticker needs some good exercising. And here I thought dancing was just enough!

I even told my son that if mom falls over on the lawn, he should grab his sister and run inside and dial 911. Yes it was THAT BAD!! 

Let me not get started on how worse it was because the grass was so thick and high and the exhaust from the mower and the smell of gasoline. My head, face, body was in agony I tell you! 
But I finished mowing the whole yard and I couldn't have been prouder of myself! I was pumped! And really I did feel stronger and more alive the next few days. Exercise does work wonders!
A very important thing for me, was my husband telling me how proud he was of me because when he does it , he aches and it is hard work, ,much less me being so small and of course not having the male strength.  

I also felt more understanding of the fact that my husband does the lawn all the time and just how much it takes out of you. 

I already tackled the lawn and it was a lot easier this time with less grass, but it was still hard work. 
I'm not going to wait it out next time. A week or two from now, depending on the rain and growth, I"ll be out there strumming that engine again. 

That's what I'm tacking this week. Now to see about getting my floors clean. 

What are you tackling on your to-do list?

Tackle It Tuesday

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  1. 6 hours just trying to get the mower started?? You are way more dedicated than I. :) I used our push mower once - a self propelled one, mind you - and quickly decided it's definitely one left for the hubby. ;) I do ride our tractor/mower around in the Back 40, and even maneuvering that can be quite the workout...just not as intense as the push mower! You're my hero! :)

    Confession Time, All Boy and Other Randomness - RTT Rebel

  2. Wow, are you kidding me? I don't think I like that kind of exercise, but proud of you too! I leave that up to my gardener. :-)

  3. Amanda. I want to steal your gardener! But I can't pay him :)

    While pushing the mower, I was dreaming of a small ride on mower. It can't be helped though.


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