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Celebrating Breastfeeding in Families

I didn't even have a second thought about breastfeeding my babies and it came so easily to me and even though sometimes it was painful with trying to get a good latch on and also being engorged from being too full, I relished the bonding times I get to sit and nurse and just focus fully on my baby and also rest a little in the process too because that was the only time I actually sit and wasn't preoccupied with something else.

I know that many mothers have been frustrated because they wanted to nurse but no matter what they did, it didn't turn out like they wanted to and there are so many reasons why.

Then there are others who didn't want to nurse because they didn't want their girls to droop (yes I've heard that) or stretch marks on their girls (Yes that too!) and a host of other selfish reasons.

Another major problem in our right to breastfeed is fighting public outcry and laws that is wanting to prohibit women from nursing in public. There is no problem with a woman shaking  her tatas in public, but when it comes to a natural and a most beautiful thing as breastfeeding she is made to feel ashamed and that she must hide. We must fight for this right to nurse whenever we want and can, and not just in a crude way but with modesty. I will nurse in public, but I will do it in a modest way because I do not want anyone just walking pass and looking at my nubbies (that's what my four year old calls them and right now I'm not correcting her because she talk about them ALOT :)

I've also used breast pumps before and really not all breastpumps are made equal. Every woman is different and it's the same way we have to find ones that work for our breasts and what we want the product to do.

Ooh it was sweet relief when I was engorged to get that milk out of me. I thought too that this was a great way for the father to be involved in the feeding and bonding process.

Did you breastfeed your babies? Did you have to pump? Did you choose not breastfeed?

There’s a misconception that all breast pumps work the same. In addition to ease and comfort, mothers should also look for breast pumps that prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the milk.  Ameda, a proven leader in breast pump innovation and trusted by moms and hospitals for over 65 years, is the world’s only breast pump with a proven Airlock Protection™ barrier.  The diaphragm keeps the air from the pump from coming in contact with breast milk while pumping.  This, in turn, helps protect breast milk from bacteria, mold and viruses.
Below is some additional information on the hospital-trusted Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump from Ameda. Additional information on breastfeeding can be found at and on the Ameda Facebook page.  For more information about the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, which features the Airlock Protection and many other hospital-grade features and to find a $50 off coupon, please visit

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump
Retail Price: $299.99 (pump) and $6.99 - $29.99 (accessories)

The Ameda Purely Yours line offers purity, comfort and ease for Mom:
Purity:  Ameda has the world’s only breast pump with a proven Airlock Protection™ barrier.  The diaphragm keeps the air from the pump from coming in contact with breast milk while pumping.  This, in turn, helps protect breast milk from bacteria, mold and viruses.
Comfort:  The Ameda CustomFit Flange System™ makes it easy to find a good fit by offering seven flange sizes that adapt to all Ameda breast pumps and HygieniKit™ Milk Collection Systems. The Purely Yours Ultra breast pump includes three of the most commonly-needed flange sizes and easily adapts with four more sizes available separately.
Ease: To help mothers maximize milk flow and comfort, the Purely Yours Ultra features fully independent controls for suction and speed.  Mom can select her own speed and suction level from 32 combinations

Breastfeeding Week is August 1-7, so let's celebrate our mothers and our babies and our families!

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  1. I was one of those women who tried and tried and tried to bf but couldn't. My son couldn't get a good latch and my nips were literally split in half from continuing to try! Needless to say, we discovered he was tongue tied, but because I was so traumatized by the whole thing - and still trying to heal my split nips! - I turned to pumping, and I pumped exclusively for 1 1/2 years! I'm pg right now with my second and I'm going to attempt to bf again, but because I know how well pumping worked for me, the baby and my husband, I wouldn't be too disappointed if I had to pump exclusively again!

  2. I tried breastfeed as much as I could....unfortunately I lost my milk with #1 after 5 months and with #2 I managed to nurse 2 months ,but it had to be supplemented with formula....


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