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Feed Your Child Well - Thursday Two Questions

I'm doing an article on how the meal that you feed to your children affect their school performance and their individual performance on a whole. 

Amanda from Blogger Broadcast asked me to guest post on her blog and at first I was terrified because I didn't feel like I write that well to be able to share on someone's blog. 

However, doing the back to school campaign has made it easier, and a post i was going to share on my blog along with the theme, I figured was perfect to share as my guest post. 

I'd love for you to visit her and leave a comment on your thoughts. 

Thank you Amanda!! 

And my questions for today:

1. Have you guest post on another blogger's blog?
2. Have you experienced an earthquake before? 


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  1. I have not been a guest blogger yet, but would appreciate the opportunity someday.

    I felt an earthquake with the epicenter a few hundred miles away. I thought it was cool. I wouldn't think it was cool if I there would have been damage.

  2. 1. No, I've not had the opportunity to be a guest blogger. That would be fun.

    2. Living in California I have experienced many earthquakes. The largest one in 1989 being a 7.0 was very scary. Part of the Bay Bridge collapsed on cars and people, there were fires all around the Marina district and aftershocks for weeks. It's good to be prepared.

  3. You are a wonderful writer, and I like your writing. It is honest, and readable. I don't need to be reading the types of writing that I have to ponder what the writer is saying, and believe me, sometimes people played with the words so much that they don't even make sense! They say great writing is concise and easy to understand. Not some foo-fu crap, for example: "the ashes entered my veins, I find my heart under my skin..." what? Smiles. Thanks again.

    1) I can't remember, but I supposed I haven't. Although I have had people asked if they could use my posts or articles.
    2) Yes, living in CA, we are prone to EQ. But after this week, I think we are not alone anymore...that makes CA even more desirable. smiles.

  4. I felt the quake this week and that was my first time, and I've guest posted four times, I think. I really stress about it though, so I don't do it often. I'll go read yours!

  5. I haven't done a guest post yet but I have had several authors do guest posts on my blog.

    Having lived in Alaska and Northern California I have experienced many, many earthquakes. Most were small but there were a few large ones too. The epicenter of one was only three miles from my location, that one really shook things up.

  6. 1) I don't think I've done a guest post before. The thought terrified me.

    2) I haven't experienced an earthquake yet, maybe small one for a second or so, and not significant enough to recall.

    Your guest post over at BB was a great one, and you're a great writer!


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