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Fresh Produce: Live Life! Enjoy Color!

I must admit that when I first heard of Fresh Produce, I thought it had to do with food and vegetables :) But this is a great company started from just an idea between one couple, who worked hard to see their dream.

I enjoyed reading their story and I love that their products are made here in the USA. It's so hard to find things made in the USA. Fresh Produce also ship to over 200 countries, so if you do not live in the USA you can enjoy these wonderful products too!
You simply must visit and read more of their story.

I was delightfully surprised when I opened my package from Fresh Produce and found quality clothing with strong material and beautiful designs. I honestly expected some flimsy material that I would fret about putting in my washing machine in fear that they would fall apart before a second wear.

I love the quality of the materials used to make these pieces and I also love how well they fit me, without falling off or being too squished on my body. They fit so well, you would think that I went to a tailor to be fitted.

I'm a Caribbean girl and I love bold and beautiful colors and this is what I find at Fresh Produce and it's so refreshing. I dislike shopping and not being able to find a color I love. I admire designers who aren't afraid to use colors. 

I received the adorable Lace Trim Camisole in white. It's perfect to wear in this summer heat and it can be worn with any bottom.  Pair it with a nice skirt or jeans or shorts and you are good to go.
I also love how wide the lace is on the shoulder so that I can wear my beloved bra. Hey the girls need support :)
I really want to stock my wardrobe with their tanks and camis
The Lace Trim Camisole is pretty enough to show off under shirts, cardigans and tunics.

- 97% cotton, 3% Spandex stretch rib cami
- Stretch lace detail around neckline and arms
- Bra-friendly straps
- Screen printed label

I also received the What It Seams Swing Skirt and it fits right at the waist and all the way to the ankle. I love the material of this skirt. I know it will serve a long time. I also love the wavy sound it makes when I walk! This is how I wear my skirts. You'll rarely ever find me in a mini, but a nice, long, flattering skirt like the What It Seams Skirt is perfect for me!

I paired this What It Seams Swing Skirt with the Lace Trim Camisole for church today and it was so comfortable and perfectly fitted!
 Simply stylish with a shorter front that feels modern, the versatile What-It-Seams Skirt is an exceptionally flattering and season less piece.

- 92% rayon, 8% lycra
- Smooth, flat waistband
- Seam details with cover stitching
- Asymmetrical hem
- Mid-calf length
- Raw edge hem
- Made in USA

The Morocco Soleil Dress is adorable. My only regret was the color I chose. But it's so cute and it's always nice to add another color to my wardrobe.
The dress is perfect for the LA hot and humid weather. It has the right length and is made very well.

Just like the other two pieces, I also love the material used to make this dress.
Their dresses are so cute and fun! If you want party dresses or just regular daytime dresses, Fresh Produce is definitely the place to shop! 

The simply beautiful Morocco Soleil Dress is a lightweight dream. Its lycra top and airy cotton voile skirt make a smooth and flattering combination.

- 95% cotton, 5% lycra top
- Printed cotton voile skirt (lined)
- Made in USA

Fresh Produce is a breath of fresh air in clothing designs and I can't wait to share more about them. They are on my shopping list!

Inspired by the carefree days of summer, Fresh Produce Clothing is made especially to fit you and your lifestyle. Sun-drenched colors. Fresh, effortless styles with an upbeat spirit. Breezy dresses, must-have capris, artful tunics...Light up the room with us.
To interact more with Fresh Produce, you can find them at the following links.

This was not a paid post and these opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I received the above items for this review.
See my disclosure.

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  1. You could work for them as a model. You are GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. I like that camisole, so pretty and refreshing like you say.


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