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#Giveaway: Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps - Teach Method in 5 Minutes!

I used to love multiplication when I was in school. This is another reason why I know that if I had a teacher who had invested time to show me the math rules, I'd have excelled.
I still want to learn math to its highest level, but because of how our teacher handled our teaching negatively, I hear anything math and I shut down.

However I know that I'll be helping my children with homework and I want to be on top of it so that I'll be prepared to know how to help them solve problems.

My son begins school in just a few short weeks and all this summer we've been doing revision a few times a week to keep him up to date with what he learned in Kindergarten and also help prepare him for First Grade. I try to help him to understand how fun it is to learn and how confident it will make him feel afterwards. Which means when he meets obstacles and even though it might get frustrating I want him to push through and learn.

I don't want math to be something that makes him shut down. I want him to see it as something worth challenging, which will open up exciting avenues in life and learning. 

I received the book "Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps - Teach this easy method in just 5 minutes"  and it is such an easy concept. Every school or parent should have this book so that their child can catch the multiplication quickly! 

I love how easy this book is in teaching about multiplication and I also love the little quotations on many of the pages to encourage and give inspiring thought.

My son and I had fun learning and doing the problems together. Right now I'm teaching him his two times multiplication table with the abacus so this book is in perfect timing to help him along. 

If you have children in school. Definitely pick up this book and help make homework easier for you and your child. 
The concept of book is to simplify multiplication and division so that regardless of whether or not a student can memorize the times table, they will always have a strategy that helps them to be able to figure out the answer, how to get it and why that number makes sense. This method of counting tally marks help to reduce errors in counting and increase confidence in mathematics.
There are large diagrams that help to explain the reasoning of multiplication and this method of multiplying. The vocabulary used is also broken down and made easier to follow allowing this method to be taught to any child that has mastered addition. The concept of this method is easy to catch on to and resembles the traditional tally mark way of multiplying with the exception of the "steps" which is the reason for the ease and accuracy of this strategy. The method is then taken to the next level to show how it can work for division.
The addition of quotes and proverbs provide encouragement and inspiration for the readers while the larger print on large pages leaves no doubt about how easy this method is to learn. Tested the method and concepts on my own children and discovered that having this tool in their reach took the stress of memorizing the times table away and actually allowed them to start to remember their times table quicker. The old adage about learning for yourself will stick with you longer than just being told something really stands up to the test when it comes to multiplication and division. Knowing how and why that number is the right answer makes it easier to remember what the number is.

And if you don't have children as yet, then this would make a great little gift to a friend or family member who does.

Maureen Stearns is an Exceptional Student Education teacher in St. Petersburg, Florida, who has worked extensively with struggling learners. Stearns has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of South Florida and a Master's Degree in Community Psychology from Springfield College in Tampa. She received the distinction of being a "highly qualified teacher," from her school district.

One reader will win their own copy of this book.

I received this book for this review. See my disclosure.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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