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ShaToBu - The Workout You Wear!

I know I'm petite and fit well into most things small and shop off the Junior racks because small and misses can't fit me properly, but don't envy me just yet.
I have two children. I did lose all the baby weight except the pouch in front of me. I have all the stretchmarks to prove it! Too much stretchmarks if you ask me! And my cute little innie is no longer in, and I suck it in. Yes that's right! I suck it in and that's one of my secrets.

So I do need the Shatobu or anything that will help me squeeze those muscle in so I don't constantly look like I'm in the beginning stages of pregnancy! And let's face it, there are some clothes I wear, that must not show a kangaroo pouch!

The ShaToBu is perfect for me. It definitely makes me feel confident in wearing my cute little dresses and tops for summer. Sometimes you just want to let it go and breathe!

The ShaToBu stretches well, it's firm in the places it needs to be and doesn't roll up around the legs or stomach. I thought maybe it would do that and was happy it didn't.
ShaToBu is meant to be worn all day, every day. For the best, most effective fit, start at your foot and roll the tights up your legs. Make sure the the waistband sits right below the bra line.

The best day for me to wear the shaper, is all day for going to church and then the stores and then the park and home and I could definitely feel a difference in my body and muscles. It is like a workout!
The walking around and driving and using your muscles along with this product is great!

I'm sure it will take a little while along with good tummy exercise to get my pouch to turn into sweet muscles, but I'm committed to try with this ShaToBu!

Designed for those women who prefer slightly more form with their function, our classic-cut, High Waist to Knee ShaToBu slims and smoothes your waistline for an enhanced hourglass figure.
You'll look great and feel even better, all while burning up to 12% more calories every day.
  • Extra smoothing in the tummy & love-handle area
  • The perfect shapewear under a skirt or dress
  • Ideal body shaper for special occasions or with fitted clothing

ShaToBu makers encourages women to  engage in recommended levels of physical activity and strength training while integrating ShaToBu as one aspect of their overall healthy lifestyle regimen.

Shapers are becoming a regular part of many women's daily wardrobe and what better way to walk around the office or your daily errands feeling confident, while also achieving your healthy lifestyle goals!

ShaToBu is the first ever shaper that helps women shape, tone muscles and burn more calories when worn during daily living activities.

ShaToBu increases the impact of everyday movement but does not replace the need to be physically active

ShaToBu blends research-based function with comfort and fashion:
  • The benefits of ShaToBu were scientifically proven by an independent study conducted at the University of Virginia, one of the country's leading exercise physiology programs
ShaToBu uses seamless resistance band technology to make muscles work a little harder during the natural movement, like walking or climbing stairs.
  • Shaping: ShaToBu instantly gives women a sleeker silhouette; shaping hips, thighs, tummy and derriere by a reduction of 3-6%
  • Toning: ShaToBu tones the muscles of the hips and thighs due to the resistance bands within the garment, which provide 90% of 116% more resistance in movement, which causes increase muscle activity in the targeted areas causing toning.
  • Burning: ShaToBu burns 3% to 16% (with an average of up to 12%) more calories when worn during daily living activities, due to the resistance bands making muscles work harder therefore increasing caloric burn.

The ShaToBu is easy to care for too and will serve a long time with good care.
Simply hand-wash ShaToBu with a mild detergent and line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Do not dry clean. Do not iron.

If you are thinking about starting a dieting regimen or have already started. Why not add the ShaToBu to your daily routine. It wont disrupt your life, but  enhance your healthy lifestyle goals.

Visit ShaToBu for more information on this and other products!

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The Science of ShaToBu

I received the ShaToBu for this review. No other payment was involved.
 See my disclosure.

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