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Summer Sexy and Comfy - Aloha!

I love seeing women in summer dresses. It's even better when they enjoy wearing them and look great without looking skanky. 

I have wanted to wear summer dresses but I feel my legs aren't that great and yes most times I hate to shave! Razor bumps and itch are not cool! If you have any idea how I can lessen or get rid of those symptoms, I'll love you forever. 

But now I'm I seriously can't tell you my I'll just go with 29, I feel like I'm older and wiser about understanding that I'm me and whatever body I have is mine and I should enjoy it because it's not like I'm going to get another skin any time soon and all too soon I'll be shriveled all over. 

So soon I'll be in summer dresses too. 

Do you like summer dresses? Do you wear them? 

I love these cuties! 

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  1. I love casual little dresses but rarely wear them. If I could lose a few pounds I would wear them all the time.

  2. I agree with Kari. I wear capris most of the time.

  3. I love summer dresses but don't own any. I usually wear cotton pants and t-shirts.

  4. i love summer dresses this summer I wore them almost every single day so comfortable

  5. I like cute little dresses, but rarely find ones that I like on me.

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  7. Yes I love summer dresses!!

    BTW I have had laser hair removal on my underarms and LOVE it!!

  8. I guess it's been a while since I've worn a summer dress- it's a thigh thing. I use Nair and/or Neet- no bumps and minimal stubble. woohoo!

    Have a great Friday!

  9. I love summer dresses!!
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  10. Hey Colette, I love sexy summer dresses. I feel so free and beautiful. But after my 3 sons my arms are not in the best shape, so I prefer a capped sleeve as oppose to a sleeveless and they are very hard to find! :)

  11. I do love the look of summer dresses. If I could I would wear all maxi dresses in the summer. Cool, comfy and no need to shave really. LOL

  12. Love summer dresses but I never wear them since it's not a good look on me - if I were tall and thin, sure! ;)

    School Lunch - What Are You Packing?

  13. I don't wear dresses much except to church...mostly because the dresses I have can't just be thrown in the washing machine. That and it's harder to stay modest playing at the park in a dress while your toddler tugs at it. I loved wearing dresses in college.

  14. I love wearing summer dresses and just fell in vuv with that second one. It's definitely saying sexy comfy.

  15. I love those dresses they are really cute, and if I were 50 years younger, I would were them. However, I do have some comforty summer dresses. And to lounge around the house, I guess you could say I wear long Moo Moos. Remember the old TV show "Three's Company" If you remember Mrs. Roper, I wear Moo Moos like that without all the jewelry. You may be to young to remember that show.

  16. I used to wear dresses all the time in my younger days. :-)

    An Island Life

  17. Eh, who needs to shave her legs? Remember the India Arie song "Video?" Sometimes she shaves her legs, sometimes she doesn't. I'm the same way.

    Whether a summer dress is flattering on a particular body type or not depends on the style of dress. I've seen all shapes rockin' the summer dress.

  18. I should be so lucky to have a shape to wear one of those dresses. I wear my sweats, capris, and sometimes shorts. Now you would really cute in that dark flowered one I think.. no the brighter one. They're too cute like you sweetie! Have a great weekend, and I'm putting up my 7th Give-Away up in a half hour with a BIG SURPRISE. Don't miss it, and don't forget to enter if you like! Hugzzzz & have a great weekend.

  19. I think they are adorable but don't wear them as often as I used to. Shaving legs? Just wear a longer dress ;) Have a great week!

  20. Oh that last dress is my Favorite!! So yes, I love summer dresses too as long they are not too short. Some 'younger' friends can get away with them and look great; however I'm not comfortable. :-)

    Have a Great weekend, Colette!!

  21. I am not a dress girl at all...but if I lived somewhere hot I would probably wear them more.

  22. Okay, well all I can say to this is that I like a woman that looks like one once in a while! Not one that's in pants all the time.

  23. I love how floaty they are!!! Very cute!

  24. I love all the dresses. I am sad that summer is ending and with it summer dress season.

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  25. I love those dresses, and I too hate shaving. Though I am lucky, I don't have much hair on my legs, it could be done once in a great while with waxing. :-)


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