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Where I Went - Jamaica Visit

On my husband's return from working, he pitched the idea of us visiting my mom who lives in the Caribbean.
It was the perfect time and still the worse time, but it fit in a way.
It was the only time my husband felt he'd be able to do it before another few years, we've been watching airline tickets now for five years, my mother has not seen the grand kids in five years (except through web cam and talking on the phone), and my son was due back in school in just under two weeks!
My daughter and son meeting my mom. She couldn't wait to give her the special drawing

It seemed to be a hurried trip which was more stressful for me. I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

Also, it turns out my mother's boyfriend was visiting the very same time and days that we were going to be there, so my dream for her to be involved with the kids and just able to enjoy time with her didn't work out so well.
I understand the situation but it was a bit heart breaking in a way since it has been so long since she got to see the kids. And as a daughter, I just wanted to spend time with her talking and sharing and even walking on the beach having an ice cream together. 

I was so happy that she asked to spend a couple hours with the kids at the park, on our last day. 

My husband is the one who enjoyed the trip most. He just up and went wherever he wanted to which worried me silly because of crime in my country.

More often than not I was left at home babysitting my children and their nephew who really needed some ABCs on basic manners and behaviour. He is almost five and just need love and structure and discipline to help him navigate.

The last few days, the husband took us driving around the island and we went to a few parishes but didn't stop. It was more like exploring and seeing the country.

Another day we drove to Ocho Rios and went to see Dunns River Falls. We didn't climb it but walked up the stairs. We had climbed the falls once before when we first met. 

While the trip didn't turn out how I dreamed it to be, I'm glad that we got a chance to visit with each other as a family.

So right now I'm catching up on posts and getting back into my outlet of blogging. The moment we came back, the next day was meeting D's school teacher and bringing in supplies and a day after that he began his first day of first grade, so it has not slowed down since we got back home and I'm sleep deprived! 

I couldn't document everything in this one post so I'm sure I'll be sharing more as time goes on.

Looking forward to catching up with y'all! 


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  1. Now this is weird. Just last week I told hubby that I want to go to visit (most of relatives are gone), but I just miss it (don't know why, he he).

    Anyways, I'm glad your family got to connect. I am sorry that it was so fast and that you didn't enjoy as much as you'd like.


  2. It's great that you got to visit her even if it's not the dream vacation you wanted. Everyone looks so happy in the photos :)

    Visiting from Mom Blog MOnday bloghop!

    The Twerp and I

  3. I'm sorry it didn't turn out exactly as planned, but I'm still glad you got to go!

  4. Even though not everything was 100%, it looks like you still had a great visit.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. What an amzing adventure. I'm sooo jealous. I almost cried wehn you said your mom hasn't seen the kids in 5 yrs tht is so sad. I love the falls and that looks like so much FUN. I'd love to go on vacation but then you said crime rate and that's scary. Thanks for sharing. :D


  6. Your husband is a very special person to put together the money for that trip. I see the children look so happy, but I wish you could've had more quality time with your Mom. Thanks for sharing your trip & the gorgeous pics.

  7. Oh yeah! That's wonderful! Your hubby is definitely a keeper! What a special thing to do for you! Look at all the hugs & kisses goin' on! sniff-sniff It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Sorry you're a bit sad about it, but look at all the wonderful pictures you have too!

  8. Oh wow! What a fantastic idea for a vacation :D If I'd have known, I would have stowed away! Hehe ^.^

    I'm sorry to hear that your expectations weren't met, however I bet it was just great to go and get away, and of course see your mother after 5 years O.O

    I'm so thrilled the kids got to see their grandma, too :)

    I can't wait to hear more about it!

  9. Wonderful post and so nice you & yours got to see your Mom and meet her new so. It was so nice of you to share with us.

  10. How sad that you traveled that far and not able to spend quality time with your mom. And sad again that you spent so much time babysitting instead of doing everything you can with your trip.
    Great part is that you got away from blogging for a while and have memories to share with us. Your husband is spontaneous and that's a nice trait to have sometimes. Welcome back.

  11. I love this. You guys look so happy in the sunshine. It was probably such a great experience for the kids because it was different.


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