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The Dart Hit Hawaii

We went to Hawaii for vacation a few years ago and I decided I'd love to live there, but life isn't that easy. However if I had the choice, I'd move there in a heartbeat! It must be the island girl in me that loves the place so much, but oh my! I LOVE the place! It's simply gorgeous!

Where would you live if you had the choice? 

We didn't get to see Maui in the daytime, but from what I've read, it's perfect! And ask which of the islands I'd want to stay on, I simply don't know.

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  1. I would love to have the chance to live in Chicago...just to experience city living, something so different from where we live now.

  2. NYC! I am such a city girl, trapped in a rural area. lol

  3. I'm so done with the ice and snow. I'd go somewhere where there is only one snow a year.

    Have a great day!

  4. I'd be your neighbor in Hawaii!

  5. Oh man, where WOULDN'T I live is a better question. LOL

    That is such a gorgeous spot though, I don't blame you for wanting to move there and never look back :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. I want to move back to the midwest (and I will), but if I had my absolute choice I'd live in Chicago again.

  7. I'd move to Roatan, Honduras or Venice, Italy in a second if I could.
    Here's Mine

  8. Gosh, I love it here so much but if I could divide my time, I would spend my Summer here in Eastern Canada and my winter in either Hawaii or New Zealand.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I would like to live where it's warm and near the water of some sort!

  10. NYC but only for a short time. I don't think I could deal with all the traffic!

  11. I would love to live somewhere warm with sun all year round as currently I am in Ireland where there is more wind and rainy days than nice sunny ones:))

    I am your new follower!

  12. I have lived in Michigan most of my life, but also Alabama, Ohio, and NYC. I would love to visit several U.S. states and Hawaii is top on the list.


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