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Do You Leave Your Garage Door Open?

A few months ago I learned that I was actually leaving my home wide open at night when I thought I had locked it all up and we were kinda safe inside. I say kinda, because anyone can get in your home if they have plans to do so. You can take steps to secure your home, but you can't think like a criminal all the time. 

However. while I locked all my doors and even the vehicles in the driveway, my garage door was kinda unlocked. Our vehicles are parked in the driveway. They have garage door openers. A criminal would know that the vehicle has these gadgets and if they break into your vehicle, they can easily open your garage door and gain access to your home! 

So I brought this to dh attention and began ensuring that I also locked the garage door with the keypad, before we retire for the night. 

The trick is to remember to unlock it before you rush out and get in your vehicle to drive away, because you can't lock or unlock it from inside your vehicle. 

What's one secure measure your take for your home?

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  1. If something isn't locked down or nailed down in SA - its as good as gone.

  2. We should probably be more safety minded.
    During the day we leave our doors unlocked, and our windows if the weather is nice.

  3. First of all I got my TGIF Thank you again. As far as locking doors oh yeah, I've lived in some pretty raunchy neighborhoods in my time coming from Chicago & I just have a habit now of locking everything. I don't care how good a neighborhood you live in. Also, my husband wouldn't lock a door to save his soul, so I'm the designated one, but I have an alarm now too! We call her "Baby"! She's a black lab! ~hehe~

  4. Glad you thought of that! Our cars are in the garage, so we dont have to worry about that... Thankfully! We still lock the door from the house to the garage though, just in case!!

  5. You make a good point! I always locked the door to the house from the garage because I worried but our cars were inside the garage.

  6. That's definitely a good point you bring up! It's so horrible that we even HAVE to think like this :(

    We lock everything up tight before we all go to bed at night-back door, front door, windows, etc.


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