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Laboring In White

I will wear white or any other color whenever I feel like it. Unless I'm in a political regime where the wearing of certain colors around the time of election might get you bodily harm or killed (i.e. my country).

This not wearing white after labor day is just not something I understand. Maybe I'm just not posh enough. Of course I understand the days when it was done when ladies walked around with paper fans and dresses that swept the earth, but I do believe fashion marches on.

What? Are you going to be telling some orphan kid who just want to be warm, not to wear white? Or does this really mean, this fashion twiggle is just for socialites?  I guess someone is awaiting them with tomato juice at the posh party? Or should you get married before Labor Day if you are planning on wearing white

Like I said, I'll wear what I want, whenever I want!

Not that I care that much for white anyway, I'm a red girl. Give me anything red with passion and I'm all over it! And red makes white look good!

So do you keep up with this 'no white after labor day ritual?"


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  1. I never even realized it was no white period, I thought it was white shoes, definitely not posh enough to follow the fashion hierarchy of trends

  2. I feel such pressure with that whole white thing because my mom firmly ingrained that in me. It's stupid, isn't it? But I think for the most part that I really do stop wearing white (pants, shoes, dresses).

  3. new follower sent over from reflexions bloghop!

  4. I wear whatever color I please!!! I do not follow rules. Heck, I don't even match most days :-)

  5. I wear a wide variety of colours. Red is one of my favourite coulours. I am a new Follower. Thanks for participating in the GET CONNECTED TUESDAY BLOG HOP.

  6. I'm with you - I will wear white whenever I please!! I don't like rules and being told what I can and can't do :)

    Have a great weekend!


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