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The Little HOT Dress or The Little Black Dress!

One of my friends bought this dress and she is feeling all sexy and the need to be taken out by her man.

He is afraid that other men might be looking at his girl and he'd have to get all bothered do some smacking.

I'm thinking he better put this beauty on his arm in this dress and take her OUT. This woman needs to go out in this dress and feel sexy, beautiful and just get her her party on! Just saying.

Now do you have a little black dress? or a little HOT dress?

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  1. No little black dress or little hot dress. This reminds me that I should buy one :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Your friend's hubby really should take her out (proudly) on his arm in that dress! :) I'm with MNM - no little black or hot dress for me...better get shopping! ;)

    Aloha: Motivational Friends

  3. I agree with you. He needs to take her out!

    It's been a long time since I've worn anything like that...or gone out for that matter, lol.

  4. Have a little black dress

  5. You're right, he needs to take her out. And should be proud to have her on his arm.

    I think I have a little black dress in the closet somewhere. I know I have a couple others for special occasions.

  6. No, I don't have a little black dress and I wish I had the figure to fit into a hot little dress;o))

  7. Have a little black dress... maybe I need a little Hot dress : )

  8. Not sure if I have one anymore. I have a hard time getting dresses because my top/bottom are so different size wise.

  9. I don't own anything Little LOL I have a nice black skirt that fits in all the right places

  10. Neither!

    He should take her out and soon!

  11. ha ha ha- I wish :)

    Have a great Friday!

  12. I don't have hot dress or black dress like that! Very hot indeed..

  13. Hi there, I like your new header. It's very you. lol. I have a few black dress, but not like that. I like mine to cover most of my front. haha. I don't think I have a hot black dress, maybe pink and white. :-)

  14. Of course! A little black dress is a wardrobe essential!

  15. I sort of have a LBD, and I have some sexy clothes, but I rarely (get to) wear them!

  16. No little black dress or little hot dress. With 4 kids, my husband and I rarely go anywhere nice. Although my high school reunion is next summer, so maybe I will buy a little black dress for that!

  17. nope.. not at all, but that is because i do not dress up..
    jeans and a tshirt for me

  18. First off, OMG KAYLA WANTS!!!!!!!

    Second, I really do need a little black dress-I actually have my sister's in my closet because she let me borrow it (I can actually FIT into hers), but I really would like one of my own!

  19. I wish I could still wear a little black dress! Hope he takes her out somewhere special!

    An Island Life


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