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Nearparent Launches Social Safety Network for Children – New App Empowers Kids and Gives Peace of Mind to Parents

New App Helps Parents Stay Connected to Kids

Children Can Request Assistance from a Closed Network of Trusted Adults –
Integrated GPS Map Feature Provides Child and Helper Location

San Francisco, CA– (7/19/11) – Nearparent Ltd., an app development company, announced today the launch of the Nearparent mobile device application that allows parents to build a trusted network of adults available to assist their child when in need. The location-based app is currently available for Android and iPhone devices and is also SMS compatible for users of non-smartphone devices.

When a parent user adds their child to Nearparent, the app asks if they would like to invite specially selected helpers for the child. The child’s parent is always in control of the individuals in their own Nearparent network. It is a closed social network with strict privacy controls that keeps the parent’s and child’s information secure from unauthorized users.

A child who requires assistance simply clicks a button on the app which alerts all of the adults in their network that they require help. Child users are encouraged to contact local law enforcement for any potentially dangerous situations.  A map feature instantly shows the child’s location in real time, using their smartphone device. In order to respect the child’s privacy, their location is not viewable by either the parent or the other adults in their network unless they activate the help request or “check in” to a location.

Using Nearparent’s GPS integration, the helpers in the child’s network can see the child’s real-time location and how close they are to their location. The GPS also allows the child to see a map of their location and which helpers are coming with assistance

“Nearparent gives the child user a real sense of empowerment and control, as they know there is a broader network of adults who can help them,” said Topi Järvinen, one of the creators of the Nearparent app. “It’s not a tool for tracking the child’s every move, it’s simply a fast and trusted resource that parents can use to help their child in need.”

An integrated “check-in” feature allows the child user to easily post a location update on their activities. This unobtrusive feature requires one click to “share location,” and does not inhibit the child’s sense of freedom while also providing their caregivers with useful information about their activities.

“We created Nearparent because we simply wanted to do something to help families in their day-to-day busy lives. Since we are all parents ourselves, we can relate to the difficulties that come with raising active children,” said Mr. Järvinen. “Nearparent is an innovative location-based app that improves children’s well-being while also giving adults additional peace of mind. Having a trusted group of interconnected friends who can help your child is a great safety net. The app also helps bring people together in a deeper way, building a sense of community that can be lost in the internet age.”

A future enhancement to the app will present various child-focused charities within the app, promoting users to make optional donations. Nearparent will not take any percentage of the donation, sending 100 percent of the funds to the selected charity. Nearparent is currently in talks with several high-profile charities to establish partnerships. For more information, visit, or download Nearparent for free on the Android Market and iPhone App Store.

About Nearparent Ltd. 
Nearparent Ltd. is a Finland-based app development firm founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs Antti Kosunen and Topi Järvinen. Nearparent Ltd. is the creator of Nearparent, an innovative app that allows parents to create a closed network of friends who can provide their child with help when they are in need. The app was launched on the iPhone App Store and Android Market in June 2011.

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