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One Hearts For Hearts Girls Gift Set Review & #GIVEAWAY

My daughter squealed!!
My son came home from school and took over. I had girl envy. Yes I actually wish I was a young girl again receiving this beautiful gift set. 

The doll is simply beautiful and the story that comes with it is wonderful and such a help in giving my children insight into other issues in the world on a child's level of understanding. 

Of course my daughter LOVES doing the dress up and I get to taste tea so often during the day but it is a precious time and I love seeing her so in love with this doll and the accessories!
She wants me to get her a jewelry box for her bracelet! Imagine when she really has jewelry! :) 
We volunteer in our community and our children take part in these activities as young as they are. I want them to be involved and care about humanity. 
Having a doll that shares this view is wonderful because it keeps the story alive even in play. 
Changing the Word One Heart at a Time! That is the goal of the new Hearts for Hearts Girls doll line and fashion collection from Playmates Toys. The collection features six dolls from around the world, each with an inspiring story to share. 
I will have to give these as gift to family and friends. I just have to share this! I received Nahji from India, however there are: Dell - USA, Consuelo - Mexico, Rahel - Ethiopia, Lilian - Belarus and Tipi from Laos.  Very diverse mix to choose from! 
The authentically dressed and lifelife dolls each represent a girl who is working to change her community in ways that are unique to her home country. Included with each doll are a friendship bracelet and a story booklet that explains how these multicultural girls live and contribure to their families, communities, and culture. Each doll also comes with a special code that unlocks a free membership to the kid-safe Hearts for Hearts Girls Website, which features: 
  • Additional informatioon about each of the Hearts for Hearts Girls and the countries in which they live.
  • Educational activities and lively games that are fun and rich in culture
  • Intriguing stories about real girls who are making a difference
  • While all girls are welcome to visit the site, the code unlocks access to additional features, including a larger array of games and a "myHeart" page
My daughter loves dressing the doll and we speak about different ceremonies and other interesting facts about the Indian culture. We even tried to dance together! :) 

Another awesome thing is that through a partnership with World Vision3, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Hearts for Hearts Girls doll is donated to programs that support girls in that doll's country. Whether it's malaria nets in Africa, schoolbooks in Asia, or food supplies in the USA, these programs help girls to thrive and succeed. 

The six Hearts For Hearts Girls: 

  • Nahji from Assam, India. Brave Nahji breaks tradition to bring courage and education to the girls who work in the tea fields of India. 
  • Consuelo from Mexico City. Colorful and warm, Consuelo provides aid to hungry children who are homeless and live on the streets near her parents' bakery.
  • Lilian from Belarus. Determined Lilian provides aid to girls whose parents must find work in the big city and are forced to leave their children with orphanages.
  • Dell from the heart of Kentucky's Appalachian Mountains. Dell creates music and knitwear to share with others in need of warm clothing. 
  • Rahel from Ethiopia. Rahel, who dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can make a real difference for people in her region, journeys with her family into the wilderness of Ethiopia to help bring back aid to her community. 
  • Tipi from Laos. Based on a real girl who shares her art and storytelling with others through dancing, drawing and puppetry, Tipi leads her school in a mural contest in hopes of winning much-needed books for her class. 

You can enter here to  WIN a doll set of your own or purchase your own at the website:  Playmates Toys and learn more about the girls at Hearts For Hearts Girls. You can also visit them on facebook.

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The Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll, and information have been provided by Playmates Toys thorugh MyBlogSpark. JamericanSpice disclosure. Facebook is in no way associated or responsible for this feature or giveaway.

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  1. I would say probably Dell, because my daughter loves making things for other people :)

  2. My blond grand daughter looks like Lillian.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  3. Lillian looks like my granddaughter


  4. rahel lil grand would love her.

  5. my niece would love Dell, she looks like her!! thanks!

  6. I think Dell is most like my daughter! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  7. My daughter likes Nahji.

  8. We identify most with Consuelo since we're Latino.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  9. Lilian :)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  10. Tell is most like my daughter

  11. My daughter is most like Dell she loves giving items to those who are in need
    Jamie Brigham
    cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

  12. My youngest granddaughter is half Latino so either Consuelo from Mexico City or Lilian from Belarus.

  13. My daughter would love to have the Dell doll

  14. I would have to pick Dell!

  15. They love Rahel because they have finally seen a doll with hair just like theirs

  16. i would choose Rahel from Ethiopia for my daughter

  17. I'd have to say Consuelo because Mexico is our neighbor to the south, and we have a lot of hispanic friends!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  18. I think my daughter would enjoy Consuelo from Mexico City. My husband is part Hispanic so it is part of her ancestry.


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