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StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors Review & #GIVEAWAY

My kids love this book. They gobble books! I love the important points covered in the story that opens up discussion between the kids and myself. 

Meet the StinkyKids:

A diverse group of 10 "little stinkers,' each with their own unique qualities. The StinkyKids series helps children learn to make right choices and reminds them to "Always Be A Leader Of Good." Their heartwarming, funny and real-life adventures capture the true innocence of childhood and the lessons we learned through our mistakes - when we were just stinkykids ourselves. 
StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors: 
Saturday was Britt's favorite day. It was the day Britt ahad a playdate with her friends Hannah, Max and Julie. But this Saturday Britt had a secret. A secret she did not want to tell her mommy and daddy. A secret that could stop her favorite playdate from happening. 
The little stinkers try their best to help Britt with her secret.  Along the way, they learn that sometimes some secrets need a parent's help to solve. 
I love Britt Menzies outlook. Children definitely need a wide variety of opportunities for growth in social development. We can't just assume that our kids will grow up into life and know how to live. I love her "Leaders  of Good" ideas. 
It reminds me of something I read about: Love is the strongest element for Good and is always there waiting to be used and directed. 

One of the suggested open ended questions to discuss with our kids that I love is: "What is a secret? When shouldn't you keep a secret? 

I used that in our sexual education talk that I have with my son. I know any child and anyone can be a victim of sexual assault and molestation, so I have a basic discussion with my son about how to handle himself if someone tries to get him to touch them or ask him to touch or to look. I also explain about how they might say, it's our secret and give him candy or threaten to hurt him or his family etc. As he gets older , we'll get into more details, but for now, I want him to be aware of life around him and know how to handle certain situations if they should arise. 

StinkyKids helps establish and strengthen important messages such as: 
Courage, leadership, making good choices, friendships, self respect, and becoming "Leaders Of Good." Below is a list of takeaway messages from stinkyKids" and the Runaway Scissors. 
  • Always ask for help when you need it. 
  • Parents were kids one and understand childhood mistakes
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Clean up your mess
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Do not go to sleep with gum in your mouth! 
  • "Always Be A Leader Of Good!"
StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors has also won the 2011 Silver Mom's Choice Award for best children's picture book! This recently awarded title is the first book in the StinkyKids series with the second book StinkyKids See a Full Moon due in stores this September. 

The Mom's Choice Awards (MCA) is a prestigious awards program that recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media, products and services. 

You can purchase StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors at any Barnes and Noble stores. You can also order/pre-order the second book: "StinkyKids See a Full Moon at Barnes and Noble or

Find them on facebook and visit their website at

Definitely a wonderful book to have in the family room! 

GIVEAWAY: An autographed copy of StinkyKids and the Runaway Scissors

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