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Teachers Walking On Egg Shells With Their Students

I came upon this great article about how teachers feel about teaching and why they are leaving the profession.

It's appalling that we parents have put our teachers in the position to either leave or give good grades if the kids are learning or not. It chills my bones that we are losing most of our good teachers and that my child might not be getting the best education.

But the fact that I wanted and was prepared to homeschool my children, will make me know what kind of education my child is getting. Right now I want my child to move up another level and be challenged. I feel he is learning stuff he already got in Kindergarten!

My kid could count and write to 100 before he began Kindergarten, yet he is in 1st grade only counting to 10. WTH. I"m sorry but that is freaking me out. But I'm keeping on top of this because I'm invested and I want my kids to be successful in their education.
I'll give it a while yet and then I'm having a meeting with someone.

I'll give you the link of the article for you to read. It's upsetting that parents are making our teachers feel this way and therefore putting our childrens' education at risk and therefore our way of life in general.

What Teachers really wants to tell parents. 

I have become used to some parents who just don't want to hear anything negative about their child, but sometimes if you're willing to take early warning advice to heart, it can help you head off an issue that could become much greater in the future.
I've had my kids every moment since birth. I love when they get to be away from me a little and I can get feedback on what they do, how they do it and other behaviours.
I mean if it's negative, I might have a reaction to want to defend, but if they were wrong, I'm not going to overlook it. It must be dealt with. We all know that kids behave differently based on who they are with at any given time.
Some parents will make excuses regardless of the situation, and they are raising children who will grow into adults who turn toward excuses and do not create a strong work ethic. If you don't want your child to end up 25 and jobless, sitting on your couch eating potato chips, then stop making excuses for why they aren't succeeding. Instead, focus on finding solutions.
Yup. We've seen it. No one wants to do honest work anymore. They can make all the excuses they want while little by little our country goes down the drain.
This one may be hard to accept, but you shouldn't assume that because your child makes straight A's that he/she is getting a good education. The truth is, a lot of times it's the bad teachers who give the easiest grades, because they know by giving good grades everyone will leave them alone. Parents will say, "My child has a great teacher! He made all A's this year!"

Since the start of the school year. D has been getting all As in first grade, and while I'm proud of him and I know he is doing honest work and have a great teacher, I still feel like he needs to be challenged because these are things he already knows.
I will always be in my child's homework and test to see what he is learning and if he is really getting the work or some teacher is just marking him up.
And please, be a partner instead of a prosecutor. I had a child cheat on a test, and his parents threatened to call a lawyer because I was labeling him a criminal. I know that sounds crazy, but principals all across the country are telling me that more and more lawyers are accompanying parents for school meetings dealing with their children.
This American way of everyone having lawyers and suing everyone to look at each other is just out of control. When I came here the first thing they told me was, try not to step on anyone's toes or touch anyone because they can and will sue you. I was like WTH? For real? Oh yes for real. People are really just looking for a reason to sue you!  Why on earth do you need a lawyer at a school meeting for?
If you aren't happy with the result, then take your concerns to the principal, but above all else, never talk negatively about a teacher in front of your child. If he knows you don't respect her, he won't either, and that will lead to a whole host of new problems.
I agree fully. If you show that disrespect to your child's teacher, your child will do the same thing. Remember children live what they learn. It's the same way if your spouse treat you a certain way, the kids will feel it's ok to follow suit.

Of course there are always different sides to every story, but we know this is happening and it's crippling our society. Who will lead? What sort of leading will be done on the family front, the community front and the national front? We have to get it together people!

Are you doing your part to ensure your child is getting a great education? And supporting your child's school?

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  1. It is sad that teachers feel this way. This is one of the main reasons I quit teaching and began to homeschool my own children.

  2. I am a teacher and the bf is graduating from a teaching degree May next year, I am sharing this article with him. Such a good read.


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