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TETONSports BackPack Review & #Giveaway - Back To School

I've always loved backpacks. Maybe even better than cute little purses. I put my stuff in it, throw it over my back and I'm good to go. It's less attractive to thieves too I think.
When I went on 'vacation', I traveled everywhere with a little backpack with my important documents. In my country it's better than toting a purse.

The backpack I traveled with was initially to tote around my laptop, but it started to tear apart inside. I was so disappointed and at one point I was wondering if it was safe to still carry my laptop.
I feel I can sew this backpack back together, but seeing as it was the first time using a brand new backpack, it should not have disintegrated so quickly.

Now, The Professional backpack from TETOSports look and feel tetonlike and promises to be a great travel companion or protection for my laptop!
It's a multi-compartment backpack and you can see the strength in this bag just by looking at it! 
Professional backpack

The Professional backpack boasts some great features:
  • Suspension strap system
  • cellphone pocket
  • airflow system
  • file folders system
  • removable organizer pocket
  • padded laptop compartment (fits most 17" laptops)
  • ipod/MP3 media port
It's perfect for school, office, travel, vacation, or whatever you are looking for in a backpack! It can hold a good amount of stuff inside and the bag is stylish and well-made with great attention to detail.
I wish I had this while I was traveling! I could have had all my little gadgets in there and knew exactly where to find them. Especially my keys and my phone! 
Have you noticed how you can never find your phone or your keys!! The Professional has a removable organizer pocket, which I can put all my grab and go items in, such as my keys, mobile, wallet and even mints! If I don't want to travel with the whole pack when I'm just dashing into a store really quickly, I can unhook the organizer with my important information and take it with me. 

I love color, but these bags in silver/black works great for the everyday and suits both genders!

Professional backpack Professional backpack

Isn't it amazing that bags are now made with laptop compartments? In my day...:) Anyway,  this backpack have a padded compartment for your laptop and it is perfect for me. I always wanted a laptop bag but wasn't sure what kind to get. 

The Professional backpack is so strong and well built that I'm confident that my laptop has great protection!

The bag also have a suspension strap system and added padding to make carrying the bag more comfortable, especially if it's loaded with books and a heavy laptop!

I love the airflow system that makes the bag not stick to your clothing, especially if it's hot and you are sweating. 

I have a feeling that as soon as my son begins middle school he is going to want this one!
Talking about son! I think my husband is going to love this when he sees it!

This backpack is a winner and guaranteed to work for many years.  

TETONSports have backpacks for preschoolers to college age kids and their backpacks are built for the wear and tear of everyday use.  We've seen how children treat their school bags right? Every parent wants a great backpack that will keep for awhile so they don't have to keep spending money for replacements too often. 

Their colorful bookbags are perfect for your preschoolers and elementary aged kids! 

Visit TETONSports and check out their wide range of products from sleeping bags, tents, cots and camp pads, etc
You can also purchase this and other products from Teton Sports on

Here's your chance to WIN this backpack ($99.99) and you can enter their monthly giveaway on their facebook page

Enter in the Rafflecopter form below. It's quick and easy! 

*NOTE from Sponsor* 
Deliveries only to the Lower 48

I received the above item for this review. No other form of payment was involved. See my disclosure.

About the author: Owner of JamericanSpice. Sharing my journey in the present, from the past or thoughts for my future. Mom of two who loves to travel and read and decipher people.
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