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On the History Channel, I watched 'Voices From Inside The Towers' and I cannot stop crying.

All those lives lost and families never the same, children growing up without one of their parents, Spouses without the other half or girlfriends or boyfriends, just loved ones, lost.

I remember where I was.
I was living with a woman. She made my life miserable. I was getting ready for work.
I turned the tv on to see news. And I saw repeat of a plane hitting one tower and I thought it was a movie. So I was wondering what movie were they talking about on the news.

Then I realize it was real life. I yelled for the woman to wake up and turn on her tv that something terrible was happening in the US.

I was in Jamaica.

I was late for work.

I was crying the whole way. I don't why, but anywhere you were, you could feel that something evil was happening.

When I got to work, everyone was trying to find a tv. Work was slowed.

Yes, we all can remember so many things about that horrible day.

May God continue to grant comfort to those who have lost so much and give much back.

This is not an anniversary. It's a commemoration. Something not to be celebrated, but to hold sacred in memory.

May these people, one and all and our country flourish and heal.

What’s It All About? VOICES FROM INSIDE THE TOWERS documents many harrowing, heartbreaking stories some never heard before of love and loss on 9/11. There is no video record of what happened inside the World Trade Center buildings during the 102 chaotic minutes before the towers were reduced to rubble. But VOICES FROM INSIDE THE TOWERS uses audio records, such as recorded phone calls from people inside the buildings some of whom perished and some who survived as they contacted family members, friends, 911 dispatchers to provide a chillingly clear mental picture

President George W. Bush was informed by his chief of staff Andrew Card of the attacks on the World Trade Center during a school reading event in Sarasota, Florida. Ten years later, one of the kids who was there in that class, Chantal Guerrero, told Time magazine that to this day she's grateful that Bush -- obviously profoundly upset about something that Card had told him -- maintained his composure and stayed with the students until the book they were reading, The Pet Goat, was finished. "I think the President was trying to keep us from finding out," Guerrero said, "so we all wouldn't freak out." Whether or not the president was trying to keep calm before a group of schoolchildren, in Paul Richards' unforgettable picture, his eyes tell the tale: here, right now, is where so much of what followed on the heels of 9/11 was put in motion. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the hunt for Saddam and for bin Laden; the still-unknown ramifications of the sweeping and controversial Patriot Act; even, arguably, today's revolutions in the Middle East -- many of the signal events of the past decade began here, with a whisper in a tense, unprepared president's ear.

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  1. You did a very meaningful Post here Callie, and I know what you mean. All I can say is... Amen!

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