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Windex Mini Concentrated Refill Pouch Review *NEW Product* - #GIVEAWAY

The weather has turned and it's once again time to do the big cleaning of windows, change and wash curtains, put away summer things etc.

It is cool and now I can open my shades again and let the sun in and take photos of anything and everything! I love taking photos through my windows. Especially when there are birds in the backyard and I don't want to scare them by opening the door.  So the glass on the door needs to be smudge free to get a good photo.

Of course I don't always want to do one more chore, but Windex always make it worthwhile.

I'm tried out the new Windex Mini concentrated refill pouch, and it was just as easy to mix the solution and get my windows and glass doors beautiful and clear from kids fingers smudges and other dirt and dusts.

I wish there was an easier way to open the little pouch though as it will spill easily if you aren't careful with the pouring after cutting the pouch with a scissors.

The smell of the concentrated version is a little strong. It did a number on my sinuses. However it did warn of being a skin and eye irritant, and although I didn't get any on myself, it still made my lips and eyes and nose tingle and got my sinuses going.

SC Johnson have a great idea on how to help make the environment better and I am loving it! Anything to help our earth is good. And we know a little goes a long way.
Global environment leader SC Johnson is taking another bold step to help consumers make greener choices with the launch of the Windex Mini concentrated refill pouch. Windex Mini delivers the streak-free results consumers expect from the 75-year heritage of the Windex brand. Concentrates use less packaging, decrease shipping impacts and reduce waste that ends up in our nation's landfills. 

The product is currently being sold directly by SC Johnson at in three-packs of "cut 'n' pour" pouches. Price is $7.50 for a pack of three plus shipping and handling.

Shipping always get you right, but we can always find great deals on shipping and if this is a success, we'll be seeing these in the stores very soon!

I've always reused my bottles until they shred, so I love the idea of refills and using the same container, especially plastics that would end up in our landfills.
Small Change, Big Difference
The trigger bottle for Windex Original glass cleaner is already produced with 50 percent post consumer recycle content.  Choosing to refill with one Windex mini concentrated refill pouch has an immediate positive impact:
  • Requires 90 percent less plastic packaging than 26 fluid ounce trigger bottle - enought to make 6.5 ballpoint pens
  • Avoids transporting 22.4 fluid ounces of water - nearly 1.5 pounds by weight
If SC Johnson can prove that concentrates will sell, and convince retailers to stock them, it could make an even bigger impact. People buy approximately 21 million bottles of Windex Original each year. If just 20 percent of those were refilled, each year it could:
  • Save 350,000 pounds of plastic - that's 26 million ballpoint pens
  • Avoid using 175,000 pounds of virgin plastic - that's three million soda bottles
  • Avoid transporting 735,000 gallons of water - that's more than six million pounds by weight 
Join the Revolution!
Visit to learn and share your experiences with the new product.

The site includes an open forum for consumers to allow SC Johnson to solicit product feedback in real-time, respond to consumers and make changes. Additionally, the Greener Choices site covers four main topic areas: Conserving Energy, More with Less, Reduce & Recycle and Everyday Alternatives. Follow us on Twitter: @SCJGreenChoices, or visit the Windex Facebook page at

You can WIN Windex Mini Concentrate prize . Just enter in the easy rafflecopter form below. Click on post link to see form. 

I received the above product for this review. No other forms of payment. See my disclosure.

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  1. I clean my doors weekly and my windows monthly.



  3. I clean them about once a week.

  4. I clean my windows monthly

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  5. I am terrible at cleaning windows. I try and do it quarterly


  6. Windows...spring and fall.
    Glass doors about once a month.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. We probably clean them every other month

    caryn9802 at yahoo dot com

  8. Ouch, i clean my windows every spring
    Diane Baum

  9. Thanks for the great contest!


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