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America’s Love Affair With Big Trucks - Guest Post

America's love for big trucks isn't a modern phenomenon and some of the beasts that you see on US highways have been in existence in some form or other for over a hundred years. They first emerged to fill a need in remote, industrial based areas of the country where roads were poor and heavy loads needed to be carried from state to state. In the years that followed, however, they were destined to become much more.

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In the early years of the twentieth century, US semi trucks were produced to fill a growing need for use on unpaved roads. They were designed to travel for short distances on solid rubber tires and at that time, there were only around 700 in existence. Their ability to shift large and heavy loads was vital and the next step in these early days of vehicle manufacture was to improve their performance so that they could travel longer distances.

A big break for these 'monster trucks' came in 1916 when the Federal Road Act was passed. This led to vast improvements in road surfaces across the United States and finally gave trucks the chance to rival the railroad as the transportation method of choice for those seeking to move goods over long distances.

This led to an explosion in production, which grew over the next few years, only to be tempered slightly by the austere times of the 1930s. However, at the end of that decade, a growth in the logging industry helped them to thrive once again. This is where America's love affair with these big trucks really began in earnest. From the end of World War II onwards, giant American trucks became a more regular sight on the country's roads and manufacturers had the freedom to produce bigger and better models.

The need for functionality was always important but Americans were starting to see them as a thing of beauty and an icon of US engineering that they could be truly proud of. This is also the point where you start to link American trucking with its romantic side and the idea of taking a job where you could get behind the wheel of these beasts and drive anywhere you wanted in North America started to appeal. With booming industries all over, there were no shortages of vacancies for those wanting to answer the call.

Monster trucks were dwarfing cars on roads all over the country. The first rallies were held and they were lauded in movies, although sometimes with a sinister twist such as in the classic "Duel".

In the present day, these trucks can host luxury that would be the envy of many homes. With bars and full sound systems in some, they are becoming popular transportation for parties and weddings. Monster truck rallies are huge business too and a magnificent spectacle right across the US.

It's no wonder that Americans love their trucks and when you see one of these magnificent machines close up, they truly are a wonderful feat of engineering that the country as a whole can be rightly proud of.


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