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CocoaWell Review & #Giveaway (ARV: $29.99)

I try to eat as healthy as I can and I cook most of our family meals. However I still supplement our diet with multi-vitamins. I'm not religious about it, but the kids make me remember by asking for their gummies. I take mine when I feel like I've really neglected myself.  

I'm full of energy to a certain point. I wake up and I'm all day go-er mom! I don't drink coffee or energy drinks and I do well until 3am at night/morning, so it's hard to notice much difference in me when I take vitamins or supplements. 

I've been introduced to the new cocoa-based supplement called CocoaWell and it looks very promising for nourishment to my body. 

CocoaWell Cocoa - RESVITALE - GNC
I do not mind taking a supplement that will help me in my daily life, especially when I can see the benefits, but I do have a hard time swallowing pills.  The Cocoa is just like any other vitamins, but I do wish they were smaller. 

The benefits: 
Protective heart-healthy antioxidant
Promotes mental clarity, focus & elevated mood
Provides enhanced natural energy & increased alertness

Clinical studies suggest that cocoa and plant flavanols may help support healthy blood pressure, increased energy and improved mental acuity. 

You can find more of the products in their cocoa line here.
450mg plant flavanols Supplies Heart-Healthy benefits and a boost of Energy without the calories and fat associated with Dark Chocolate.* 
Cocoa has been consumed for its incredible healthy properties and revered by the Mayans and Aztecs as their most precious nutrition.* 
Our formula is enhanced with Pure Plant Flavanol Complex, an exclusive blend of plant sources that deliver the remarkable health benefits of flavanols such as catechins, epicatechins and EGCG.* These potent polyphenols are shown to support brain, energy and immunity and are among the most researched of all phytonutrients.*
The Kuna Tradition
The Art Introducing CocoVit├íle’s organic cocoa– cellular rejuvenation from the heart of the rain forest.* Rich in South American heritage, the lush jungle reserve possesses the purest cocoa – ourdevotion to health protection begins here.*
Cocoa is the ultimate super food, perhaps the healthiest substance you can put in your mouth after water, said our spokesperson and Fox News’ “Medicine Hunter” Chris Kilham. If that comes as a surprise, the reason is that cocoa contains 712 compounds, many of which are potent antioxidants. We need antioxidants as surely as we need vitamins. You may have seen this article in Oprah Magazine about the benefits of cocoa, and Dr Oz also talked about it a few days ago.
Offering the most advanced and complete formulas available, CocoaWell is the first natural products brand to dedicate a line of nutritional supplements to the health benefits of cocoa. CocoaWell is a supplement that gives you all of the good stuff found in cocoa without the fat and sugar you would be getting in any given chocolate bar. The ingredients in CocoaWell help to strengthen arteries, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, boost mood and sustain energy. 
You can win one for your family or yourself. 

Giveaway: Bottle of CocoaWell Cocoa - 60 Vegetarian capsules (ARV: $29.99)
Click on post link to enter in the rafflecopter form. Easy! 

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  1. Right now the mandatory entry is asking me to "Visit Keri Lotion ...." ??
    Instead, I will tell you that I would also like to try the COCOA Heart COQ10 from Cocoa Well.

    amt (at)telus (dot)net

  2. I do take multivitamins everyday!

    Maryann Drapkin
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  3. Yes I take a once a day vitamin...vitamin C, fiber, and extra calcium daily.


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