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Fyrflyz - Perfect Kids Toy! - #GIVEAWAY

The Fyrflyz arrived and the kids couldn't wait to tear into the box. You'd think it was Christmas. And honestly I'm wondering if I can sneak it away from them and re-wrap it for Christmas. Of course that wont work. The boy is six, the girl is four, they REMEMBER everything!!!! Not to mention wanting to play it until they keel over! 

I can't help but play with it myself! Oh and I try to be better at it than the kids :) I know I know. Stop looking at me like that!! You do it too! 

Fyrflyz is a new toy that you and your child can play with indoors or out. It's a spinning toy that creates amazing light shows in the palm of your hand! 

Winter is coming up and you know kids will be getting a touch of cabin fever. I suggest you get a couple of this toy for your kids and their friends to break the boredom or the "Mommyyyyy what can I do?" questions. 

It is really so easy and the fun is trying to get the toy to do as many movements and designs as possible with the light.  

You must be careful as not to let it slip off your fingers or stand too close to someone else or it will deliver a spanky upside the body! 

I love that they have different color patterns to choose from. There should be something about the on and off button written on the instructions paper though, because I had a fun time trying to figure out how to turn it on. Even light tapping both ends of the toy, seeing if it would light up by motion and all that, until my six year old found the little button! Oooh we were so excited to get it going!!!! 
The handheld light-up toys are taking the night by storm; even adults can't keep their hands off them! Fyrflyz are now available nationwide at Toys 'R US stores and specialty retailers.
FyrFlyz is the revolutionary new spinning toy where amazing LED lights shows come alive in the palm of your hands. By swinging the connected two strings and applying tension or slack, you can create a continuous movement and awesome tricks. Check out how to create more tricks at
Not surprising! These are so small and fun and easy to use! 

Find Fyrflyz!/fyrflyz

Win a pack for your child or you :) 
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  1. :) yes I do... I guess I must still have some kid deep in side, because every now and then you can catch me playing with a toy that made for kids(some of them are a lot of fun!)
    I think these Fyrflyz would be a lot of fun!
    Donna D

  2. Sometimes I do...I love blowing bubbles, and sometimes there other toys are fun too!

  3. I love playing Barbies with my daughters.

  4. Sure do, there is nothing wrong with being child like sometimes!

  5. looks great! I love it. sounds like fun.

  6. yes i still do i think my daughters knows it to lol everybody is still a kid at heart

  7. Yes I do...a fav of mine is playing Legos with my daughter. Luv em!


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