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Google + "Add To Circles" Widget For Blogger

Since Google + is getting so popular in the blog community. I figured I'd go ahead and add it to my blog.

If you want a widget for your blog. It's pretty easy.

1. Visit

2. Click "Get Widget"

3. Create your widget with the customizable options.

4. Don't forget to enter your google + ID

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5.  You can get your google + ID from your google plus profile (The numbers behind the part of the url at your profile page.)

6. You can change the language settings and color settings and fonts and a lot more!

7. When you are done. Click the "Get Code" button and Copy into mouse or CTRL C
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8. Go to Blogger >Design>add a gadget>Select HTML/JavaScript Widget
9. Paste your code in it and you are done!
10. Preview on your blog

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  1. What does it do, sorry I have heard of it for other things on Social Media but not sure what it do for bloggers. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the instructions.


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