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It Will Grow On You Miley And It Will Change Your Life!

I admire celebs that use their talents and money to help mankind. Whether it's something they love to do like Angelina Jolie, or just for the spotlight, they are still helping and I am happy to know that this is happening. 

Miley Cyrus put the microphone down and headed to Haiti to do some charity work, teaming up with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to help distribute and fit hearing aids to more than 400 Haitians on Monday. It was her second visit to the island nation. "I felt so draw to helping others hear for the first time and immediately wanted to look for another chance to go back and help again," Miley said.

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  1. So great to see some giving back!

  2. So true! These celebrities are really to be commended. May God continue to richly bless them.

  3. It really is great to see the celebrities who actually HAVE the means and the opportunity to give back do so!

    Like you said whether it's just publicity or actually from the heart, people are benefiting from it and that's a great thing :)


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