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Keri Lotion Review & #Giveaway

I used to use Keri lotion a few years ago but stopped. I have no idea why. I guess I moved on with experimenting. However I'm glad I got a chance to remember how very good Keri is for my skin! And it's just in time for the dry winter months that turn my brown skin to ash and wrinkles.

Keri - Nourishing Shea Butter, Lotion - 15 oz
I'm getting older, forever 29, and it's best to keep my skin moisturized both inside and out. I have to admit; I'm a lazy moisturizer. I still have that feeling of immortality and you know you never see yourself aging until one morning you wake up and wonder who is that person staring back at you!

But I've been re-directing my mind to be discipline in using moisturizers all over my body and I hope I get into the routine of it.

My bottle of Keri will serve me and my daughter for a long while. I'm getting her into the idea of moisturizing early. I didn't have anyone to teach me so I'm lovingly imparting the importance of protecting her skin at an early age.

I really love my Keri lotion!

I received the Keri Shea Butter Conditioning Therapy and it's yum and glides on smoothly and leaves my skin hydrated for hours!
Keri Lotion is the brand that has been recognized for more than 50 years as a great lotion that has provided continuous moisturization for generations. Because everyone's skincare needs are different, Keri offers a line of hand and body lotions to meet the needs of your specific skin. Ease lotion is formulated with the Keri Hydro-Deep technology, which penetrates the skin with a unique blend of moistirzers to lock in long lasting moisture protection, helping to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best all day long. 
Keri lotion is availabe in five different varieties, ranging in prace from $5.99 to 7.99, tailored to meet the needs of individual women's skin:
  • Keri® Original – Enhanced with five essential moisturizers, this product is daily dry skin therapy for smooth, healthy looking skin.
  • Keri® Advanced – This non-greasy, lightweight formula is fast absorbing for silky, soft skin.
  • Keri® Shea Butter Conditioning Therapy – Provides a conditioning therapy that penetrates deep into skin to nourish with naturally rich Shea Butter.
  • Keri® Basic Essentials – Made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a lightweight formula that provides optimal hydration.
  • Keri® Luxurious – A total indulgence for the skin, with a light apple scent and Vitamins A, C and E.
Which Keri® Lotion is best for you?
Keri® Lotion is available at Walmart, Rite Aid, and other retailers nationwide.
To learn more about the line of Keri® Lotion products, visit the website at

Why is Keri Lotion re-launching its products now?
In celebration of its 50th golden anniversary, this trusted brand has updated the look of the packaging on the entire product line, which features the same great lotions that have provided continuous moisturization for generations.

Win one of the lotions for yourself! And you can also print a $2.00 coupon on their website for your next Keri purchase!
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  1. I would like to try the Keri® Luxurious

    leannemacg at

  2. To soften skin use Alpha Keri® Moisture Rich Oil. This light, emollient-rich oil can be used after the shower or bath to replenish and seal-in moisture, softening the skin.

  3. I messed up my tweet link in the rafflecopter..sorry here is the link!/buzz8/status/127076011471937536

  4. is this where you post for the keri lotion giveaway? if so great.

  5. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a dress giveaway if you'd like to check it out.

  6. I tried to access the skin care tips and the site kept giving me the FAQ page.

    I did learn that Hydro-Deep™ technology allows a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients, that penetrates the skin, then locks them in for long-lasting moisture protection.

  7. I am wild about lotions... Keri was one of the best I can remember when first came to the US, and we couldn't afford it before.

  8. Keri® Lotions are the same great lotions that have helped provide effective moisturization for generations.


  9. Can Keri® Lotion be used on infants or children?
    We recommend that you consult your pediatrician or health care provider before using Keri® Lotions on infants and children.

    letessha w

  10. I make my skin soft and healthy looking once every two weeks I put a really heavy lotion on my skin and put gloves on over that. I sleep that way. My hands are amazing afterwards


  11. I love that Keri lotions are water based, because I have sensitive skin. And, with teenaged daughters that have eczema, we're always looking for lotions without alcohol.

  12. My tip is for extra sensitive skin. I moisturize with aloe vera than use a very light lotion over the aloe vera.

    romapup at gmail dot com

  13. I have Sjogren's Syndrome, so I learned long ago to moisturize, and do it often. (It is an auto-immune skin disease--no moisture in any connective tissue, inc. organs. Good times!) I run out of lotion like a crazy person.

    Went to the website and it looks like their Hydro-Deep™ lotion would be good for me.

  14. I will use the lotion after the shower or bath to replenish and seal-in moisture, softening the skin.

    Maryann Drapkin
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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