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Modify Watches Review & #GIVEAWAY

I've always wanted a watch and it must be red I told myself. I actually received a watch once and it was the most gorgeous blue and gold and so pretty I could scarcely breathe touching it. I was at the orphanage that time and I placed it in my locker so it wouldn't be stolen. I think I dreamed about the thing! I felt so special to own this watch. I didn't even know the woman who gave it to me or how much it cost. The next morning, I opened my locker to gaze upon the beauty and I heard; 'crunchhhhh'

I cried for days. I felt fear too because I knew when I told the lady, she'd just think I was careless and didn't know how to take care of anything as adults tends to think of children. 

I did tell her and that's exactly what happened. She never spoke to me again.  It still hurt a bit. 

That was my first and only watch.

However I just got a watch from Modify Watches! It's red and black! It's a bit bigger than I'd want my watches, but it's fun and my kids love it and wants me to hand it over as if it was supposed to be theirs :) 

They keep asking me why the watch doesn't have any numbers! :) They are fascinated with the watch! I love it. It helps me to teach them about time in a variety of ways. It's the same reason we play time bingo. 

I even checked if it glowed in the dark! Now that would have been even more exciting!

The Modify Watches are very bold, fun and unique! You can change the bands and faces to match your moods or outfit or just have fun! It's really easy!

The watches are for both male and female, however they are not waterproof so take care of your little gem. They also provide warranty and battery replacement in case your battery stops working. 

 A throwback to those candy colored and neon bands of the 90s, Modify Watches are interchangeable (offering 13 fierce faces and 9 stylish straps) and affordable—at just $45/combination (and multiple ‘kits’ to get more for your dollar).  For the novice Modify wearer you can choose from predestined combinations like ‘Bar Fight’ black and blue or ‘Dimples & Pimples’ pink and red.  If you really feel like living on the edge, choose a color combo of your own (although we know how busy you are and don’t blame you if you don’t have time—no pun intended).  

And, because Modify Watches don't discriminate, they even have pieces for stiff-suit dad (Argyle anyone?) and your picky pre-teen who will like totally only wear yellow right now.

I'm going to be wearing mine to soccer game tomorrow so we shall see what conversations I set abuzz :)  For me, it's like a sports, casual watch, so this game setting should be perfect! And I wont have to be checking my phone all the time! 
Learn more about these fun watches: 
Modify Watches

You can also win your own watch and band of choice
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  1. Such cool watches and your story really touched my heart.
    I would like to get the watch with a black face and pink band.

  2. I would pick the black face with a black band


  3. I'd choose the silver face and a white band :)

  4. I love the Argyle/Rhapsody in Black

  5. I would choose the black face and black watch strap (San Francisco Dress Code).

  6. I would choose the teal green watch band with green interface

  7. Those watches are so cool. I like the shape and the color choices.

  8. black face and black band

  9. Thanks for the awesome review. We're making a few changes with our new watches, thanks to feedback like this (so please please please keep sharing! If not on the blog comments, then you can always email me directly at

    We've added glow-in-the-dark hands :)
    Will add some watches with numbers :)

    And most importantly, we're making a smaller watch too!!!

    Thanks again

  10. green face and green strap: awesome!!!

  11. oooh noooo! I just amde a mistake and re-entered.. I hope you wont disqualify me... ;( Don't count the 2nd entrance of course.. Im sorry one more time!


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