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Say My Name!

..'Just like the store.' I always tell them in my accent thick voice :) I guess when I speak, not everyone understands. Especially my kids who think I'm speaking German or Greek. They never seem to hear English so they do the opposite or as they please.

My name is, his name. I took my husband's name when we got married. I never questioned it or had any hesitation about it. For me it was natural, and I also love the name. To be honest, there are some names out there that give me the shudders.

There are many reasons why women don't want to take the husband's name or might hesitate. They might already built up their business on their name, cultural traditions like in Spanish culture, etc.

For me, if I didn't meet my mother and  some of my family before I got married, I would definitely hesitate or hyphenate my name with the hope that if they were still looking for me, they'd be able to find me.

And to be honest, and on a different topic; I wish my mother had given me her name, based on the fact that my father walked away from her when he found out she was pregnant.

Did you take your spouse name? Did you hyphenate?

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  1. I've always contemplated about hyphenating my name when I do get makes me think, am I half-hearted in marrying that person then?

  2. Great post! I took my husband's name, but I use Avlos-Dailey on FB in case I find some relatives. BTW, I am 3/4 Greek! LOL

  3. My maiden name was ten letters long. Every time I went to sign my name there wasn't enough room. When I got married my husband's name was only five letters long. Hell yeah, I took his name!!! lol

  4. I took my husband's name which is long and German so no one ever pronounces it correctly. I should have kept my simple five letter name!

  5. I never thought about it much. I guess I just assumed that's what everyone did, but I like it. My DD is not a fan of her fiance's last name and she'd like to keep her own last name, but to avoid issues, she's taking his anyhow.

  6. Great question!

    I took my hubby's name.

  7. I did once but I think it was a disaster. I had to go through so much to regain my own name and after that, I do not ever want to change my name again.


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