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Shoes On My Feet: I Bought It!

I LOVE gorgeous shoes and if I could have say 20 pairs in my closet without ill effects on my budget, I would. However there is NO WAY I'd pay almost $700 for a pair of shoes. Not even if I was rich!

This pair was voted shoes of the year.
I say, I'd prefer if it was red with white lace or white with red or black lace.  It's definitely a great design, but I like my style.

Valentino's Platform Lace Pump was voted the sexiest shoe of 2011. The heel sells for $695.

The 2nd sexiest shoe cost even more. *Faint* But I do agree it's nice looking but I'd rather it in red. Again you say? Well yes. At least let the heels be red, or the soles or something! But not all of it in that BLAND color!

#2 Sexiest Shoe: Jimmy Choo Swarovski crystal-encrusted sandal with double ankle straps, $2,095

The 3rd sexiest is alright. But I'd kinda line the edges with some color. Can you tell I'm a fan of color? And I've not worn one of these high boots before, so I'd love to one day but again. Wont be spending such a whopper for it!

#3 Sexiest Shoe: Prada knee-high leather boot with covered platform, $1,200

And the 4th is this piece. I think is nice. Anything black is very versatile, but add some color and you get spicy! I want mine in RED!

Chrissie Morris suede, mesh and stingray peep-toe ankle boot, $1,365

Very nice designs but once again. I NEED color. I'm a Caribbean girl, so what do you expect :)

And with Two Questions Thursdays and Aloha Friday questions:

1. Which one would you choose as the sexiest?
2. What's your go to shoes at home?

What are you craving in the Friday Food Fight? 
I really would love to taste this Latte and can't wait to do it.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Recipe here.

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  1. I would chose the 1st shoe as the sexiest.. and my most go to shoe would be the Teva sandles which I just bought recently.

  2. I agree with you on the second one, it is nice but really bland looking. Actually my favorite of the four is the boot. Maybe that's because it starting to get cooler here and boots are on my mind.

    Once again I'll thinking boots. My favorites are my Steve Madden black suede.

  3. You have great taste in shoes! :) I think they're all equally sexy in their own way...and like you, I'd never spend that kind of money on shoes, even if I were rich. But if anyone wanted to give a pair as a gift, I wouldn't turn them down. ;) My 'go to' shoes (now that it's gotten colder) are my leather ankle boots - they're comfy, cute and sexy all in one package! :)

    Halloween - Then and Now

  4. For me, shoe number one with the fancy border is the sexiest. As for my go to shoe, it's the high wedge heeled crocs. I have 5 pair of them!!!!

  5. I like shoe #1. I used to love to wear heels like those, wish I still could because I do think they make a sexy look. Now my go to shoes are either my clogs or slippers.

  6. I just scored a pair of Ugg boots with heels for an exceptionally good price (way less than 50% off!). I love them and they are 'sexy'.
    At home, give me Birkenstocks.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I like the first pair, but I agree with you about the cost. Too much..

    My to go shoes at home are flat, and comfortable. I can't wear high heels at all.

  8. that latte does sound awesome come see what I asked at

  9. I think the tall black boot is the sexiest. My go-to shoes are a pair of black flats (Crocs). They go with everything and are so comfortable.

  10. Well, I'm kind of a double choice kind of person. I never really pick one thing for my favorite unless you're talkin about my hubby. Only one of those will do for me. hehehehe I like the first one, but then again I love the fourth one too. I wish I could wear those kind of shoes again. My feet swell too much though I guess. Hmmmm Then again I love boots too... omg better stop here! Have a fun & safe Halloween!

  11. I'm more for tennis shoes for comfort at home. While all these are nice, they have too much of a heel for my tastes.

  12. I like the first pair : )

  13. I choose the 4th pair! My go to shoes at home? Flip flops! LOL!

  14. Oh. Dear. Lord....SHOES!!! Is it sad I'm drooling on myself right now!? LOL

    I think the sexiest pair is the last ankle boot! Unfortunately, like you, it's just not practical spending that much on a pair of shoes, so my go-tos are my house slippers :)

    Happy Friday!

  15. My pick is #4!! LOVE THEM!!
    At home I'm barefoot and when I go out it's usually my walking shoes.
    Here's My Post

  16. JimmyChoo, the blinky sandals! OMG... those shoes are something i would give up Coke to buy...Love them. Now, I am a working girl lately. Dress-up shoes, before this I used to wear slip-ons. Lived in sandals.

  17. I love shoe #2! It's something I would wear if I could balance on them.

    An Island Life


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