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Why Do You Dine Out? - Aloha!

Why do you dine out? 
Is it convenient to do so, a treat for your family or you've always just eaten out? or other? 

1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet?

I would choose my favorite which is ackee & saltfish, but I'm not longer in my country so I go with Olive Gardens Fettuccine or sea food Alfredo

2. What is the most romantic place you've ever been to?

Hawaii on our vacation a couple years ago. But it wasn't so much romantic because of so many reasons

3. What is your favorite thing about fall/Halloween?

I love fall. The cooler air and the gorgeous colors while the change to winter happens.
4. How would you spend 24 hours alone?

I would either read, blog, or watch a movie or all three :)

5. Does you husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl?

He doesn't. It would be nice if he does once in awhile. 
But I wouldn't want flowers too often. I rather a potted plant that I can keep for awhile before it dies :) 

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  1. I dine out because I love the food at certain restaurants and enjoy taking a kitchen break once in a while.
    Here's Mine

  2. We eat out more than we should. I would love to get back to where it's just for special occasions but as the kids get older, they keep us running with all their activities. Have a good weekend!

  3. We dine out every weekend.. as it gives me a break from cooking for the kids everyday.

  4. I dine out because my hubby insists on it from time to time. With a 5 year old in tow, I'd rather just stay home Lol!

  5. We dine out almost everyday for lunch. Why? Because, that is our hour to spend together, each day. Awwww... ain't that sweet... ; )

  6. It depends for us... sometimes the hubby comes home and says I'm hungry for XXX and we go : )
    Other times I am being lazy and do not want to cook... and last but not least special occasions : )

  7. We use to dine out all the time and then we just quit this year. All of a sudden we have all of this extra money. It's great!

    Have a great Friday.

  8. I dine out for food that I wouldn't make at home.

  9. I eat out before I crave for a certain food that I can't cook at home, and some time just want to take a break!

  10. We dine out on Sunday every week just because we like to try different food and it gives us a break from cooking at home.

  11. I like to dine out...I like to be able to eat in peace, I don't want to take a spoon of food and not even have time to chew before I have to worry about someone else. "mom duties"
    I like to dine out...because I need a break about having to come up with the menu everyday.

  12. I dine out when I can't think of what to cook for dinner or am feeling lazy (and we can afford it of course), or for special occasions like bdays and anniversaries. It's a treat, since we can't do it often with our large family!

  13. we rarely dine out since it's so hard with all the kids. However, whenever I'm on a layover I love to eat out with the crew at a non-kid friendly restaurant!

    An Island Life

  14. I was wondering if you were still sharing foodie posts! You should link up on Fridays again for Friday Food Fight. We miss your posts!

    I love to dine out although my thighs and my wallet don't seem to agree with the idea. We dine out at least once a week. I love trying new places.

    We honeymooned in the Cayman Islands and that was very romantic. Hawaii is romantic as well, but I can find romance and beauty everywhere and anywhere. Just give a sunrise or a sunset and I'm good to go. ;-) I also find old cities and countrysides like the ones in England very romantic. *sigh* Now, I'm dreaming of being anywhere but her. lol

    As for fall, I love the cooler weather and all the pumpkin flavored snacks. Oh and the candy ain't so bad either. Again, my thighs disagree.


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