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Women Share Their Battles With Breast Cancer

I had a sort of discussion with a love one who thought all the pink being show around wasn't necessary. YES IT IS NECESSARY!
It helps get the funds needed to help so many who will need help in the fight against breast cancer and it helps every to start talking and doing something about their health to ensure they can find help before something becomes 'too late' and 'I wish I had known.'

With that, I just wanted to share this story I read about these women. One thing that stands out more than ever was: "You can get breast cancer even if it does NOT run in your family" and people NEED to know this instead of feeling safe in a shell.

Eudene Miller Simmons

"Accept your faith. God has a plan for you, and you are never going to be alone."

I was diagnosed on...
"June 30, 2010."

My immediate reaction was...
"Total denial. Though I ultimately came to terms with it."

I get stressed out by...
"The stupid people that still believe they can't get breast cancer if it doesnít run in their family."

Breast cancer is...
"A sudden road block that takes a lot of time to get around. But with good care you can surpass it, and come out on top."

Read the rest of her story HERE.

See other stories of survivors HERE

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  1. Big ups to the BC survivors and fighters of this world!!

  2. I can tell by the photo that she is beautiful, strong woman. I will read story in a bit.

    I have also heard how the pink ribbon is just a marketing scheme. Yes, some companies jump on the pink ribbon bandwagon to make money, BUT the Susan G Koman foundation is about raising money for awareness and funding mammograms for women who can't afford them. The numbers of women who can afford them are rising every day due to women losing their jobs. It's awful and so sad, but by getting the word out there, bloggers like you and I can help them.

    I really bothers me that most insurance companies will only allow women to get mammograms at 35 if they have a history of it. I had to wait until I was 40 until I got my first one. Yes, the statistics are low, but women are still dying and prevention and awareness is the cure.

    Great post, mama! xox


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